Cashew Milk Alfredo Pasta


October, 10th

Alfredo pasta is one of those rare dishes that everyone seems to love. For many, it is comfort food they return to after an exhausting day at work. And we get it, nothing can beat the warm and creamy awesomeness of an alfredo sauce pasta. The best thing about pasta is that once you have a good sauce, you can just add a few veggies of your choice and you have yourself a complete meal!

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8 minutes read

Roasted Vegetable Enchilada Lasagna


October, 7th

Family dinners are tricky, especially when vegetarians are involved! Vegetarians often feel left out since there are always so many great options for chicken hotspots, noodles and curries. Now it’s time for vegetables to shine! This roasted veggie enchilada lasagna will win hearts at your dinner table.

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8 minutes read

How to 'NOT' Waste Food


October, 6th

October 16th is celebrated as World Food Day all around the globe as an initiative to spread awareness on how to reduce food waste. This year the world faces multiple challenges including the ongoing pandemic, inflation, political conflicts and climate change. While as an individual you can not control many of these factors, here is what you can do!

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8 minutes read

Foods that Support Mental Well Being


October, 4th

This World Mental Health Day, prioritise your mental being through the food you eat! Do you know many foods are now scientifically proven to act as mood enhancers? Keep reading to find out how what you eat is directly related to your mental health!

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10 minutes read

Best Vegetable Taco Recipe


October, 3rd

Did you know that the 4th of October is celebrated as World Taco Day? Tacos are perfect for any meal. Whether it is dinner, lunch, or snacking, tacos are just perfect since they are light, healthy and delicious!

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7 minutes read

Towards a Healthier Heart!


September, 28th

We are what we eat, thus it's important to watch what we consume to be healthy over time. When it comes to heart health, dietary habits are even more important since they affect bodily function. In honor of World Heart Day, aim to include the following five heart-healthy foods into your diet on a daily basis.

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8 minutes read

Best Different Navratri Recipe For 9 Days


September, 27th

Navratri season is upon us and the fasting has already begun! Now, why should non-fasting people have all the fun? We have curated these 9 Navratri vrat recipes for you that will make your fast more fun. So here is your cookbook for Navratri recipes for 9 days!

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12 minutes read

Level-up Your Hydration Game with Rosemary Watermelonade!


September, 22nd

“Mom, Why Is Water So Boring? ” This is a line we could not anticipate. A popular concern with parents and even the young working generation is that they just can't drink enough water! Bizzare, isn't it? While the question seems downright outrageous, recipe curators have an answer for how to increase your water intake!

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8 minutes read

Ditch Refined Sugar with these Healthy Alternative Sweeteners


September, 20th

We all have daily habits that keep our routines in check. The one thing shared by most Indians is starting their day with chai. We have to admit, there is nothing quite satisfying like a good cup of tea. But at the same time, the among of sugar that goes into a single cup of chai can be quite harmful too!

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6 minutes read

Best Korean Spicy Chicken Recipe


September, 16th

If you are a foodie, you have crossed paths with Korean food. And don’t get us wrong, Korean food is simply delicious. It’s unique, different, flavourful and thanks to the power of the Internet- very famous as well. But when it comes to introducing someone to Korean food, it is all about choosing the right dish. Select the wrong dish and you have created a monster who hates a wonderful cuisine! So what is the perfect dish for a Korean food virgin? We have the perfect answer for you!

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8 minutes read