About Us

Foodism is a one-stop destination for all things food. It is the sole platform in India where home chefs and content creators can create exclusive food related content, and also buy and sell exclusive handmade dishes from their homes using a simple mobile application.

Vision and Mission

Foodism started with the idea of harnessing the massive force that the home chef industry has become. Foodism exists to organize, systemize and better this industry on a large scale. We want to empower every home chef that has dared to dream, this could be a homemaker who have been slaving away behind a stove for years or a corporate executive who quit is job to pursue his/her passion for cooking.

Foodism for Food Consultants

Find the people you gel with, get connected with the right business network. Whether it is chefs you are looking for or aspiring restaurant owners.

Foodism for Home Chefs

Get a chance to taste success countrywide with our plethora of services, curated just for you. From a food shop to display and sell your product to a magazine that helps give you a platform to showcase your work.

Foodism for Culinary Students

Looking for the right guidance? Speak to our experts and attend workshops that will help you bottle down to the right college to go to and the right courses to pick according to your aptitude.

Foodism for Culinary Aspirants

Whether you’re looking for a career change or starting a whole new culinary career – we’re here to help you follow your passion. From web workshops to expert opinions to one on ones with industry stalwarts, we give you chance to set foot in your dream industry.

Foodism for Food Enthusiasts

Share your recipes or simply connect with other like minded people over food! There’s games to play, content to read, recipes to watch and a lot more for you!

Foodism for Food Travels

Traveling to a new place and need expert tour guidance on the best places to eat – we’re here for you!

Foodism for Bloggers

Kick start your food blogging career by writing for us and gaining expertise into the field from content doyens. If you’re an influencer, we’ll help you get in touch with the right people too!

Foodism for Recruitments

Looking for the right fit for your company? Post your job on our portal and get clicking with the right people!

Foodism for Job Seekers

Whether you’re a fresher or an experience food industry professional, we’ve got jobs for everyone! Post in your resumes and wait for the magic to happen.

Our journey

…has not been simple! We started off in 2019 under the name Home Chefs India and slowly progressed to Foodism. Even back then, we weren’t entirely sure of how to do this. Pre-covid, home chefs were a aplenty but after the lockdown, a lot of people turned their love for cooking into a full-time career. It was in between this time, that Foodism shaped up.

We’ve done it all – started a superb publication under the name Foodism and garnered rave reviews for it, created an encyclopedia for food, roped in popular chefs to be our ambassadors – only to realize that the real heroes were those who cooked with passion behind their kitchen platforms.

Today, Foodism is better, older, wiser and much more advanced. With a technological stack mounting to one user friendly app and an employee force of 25 people, we’re raring to go.

What We Do

Foodism is a thriving food movement that aims to gather everyone related to food - either by passion or by profession - under one banner. Foodism is for those entrepreneurs looking to expand their business to other states and are looking for help with these expansions. It is for the homemaker who makes delicious laddoos and wants to learn how to sell them. It is for the baker who bakes the best cheesecakes but has no set platform to sell these on.

Foodism is for the food enthusiast who is looking to journal his culinary journey, for the cooking experiment-er who wants to learn new recipes, for the bored mother of two who is tired of her children demanding better dishes. Foodism is a media and tech company, that aims to become the one-stop destination for all things food.

Whether you are looking to connect with a vendor or need help with legalities for your new food business, or if you are simply looking for a place to journal your journeys in the kitchen or a food blogger wanting to spread the word about the latest sensation in the culinary world. Foodism is a mobile and web application, a digital magazine, a networking platform, a stage to share your recipes, opinions, and questions about food. It is all that and more.

Welcome to Foodism

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