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Document your best recipes, create your digital cookbook online and maintain all that precious data so it never goes anywhere. Make your recipes shareable across various platforms and leave your legacy.


Make offline and online groups with likeminded people who love to cook and eat great food! This is a great way to meet new people, expand your circle of friends or simply get in touch with home-cooks for personal and professional networking.

Foodism Loyalty Points

Foodism Loyalty Program is a curated earning opportunity for loyal Foodismers to enjoy endless cash benefits. Simply by contributing your recipe, you can stand a chance to earn hard cash anytime.


Get a chance to be featured in a coveted publication that is viewed by thousands across the globe. Create a brand for yourself. Make yourself known.

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Foodism Loyalty Points

Be a part of our Foodism Loyalty Program (FLP) and earn cash with every recipe you contribute!

Whoever said money was difficult to earn did not know that simply uploading unique, tasty and new recipes could get you to earn cash - that too in the comforts of your homes! Be a part of our Foodism Loyalty Program and get a chance to earn endless amounts of money. You can start by signing up and fulfilling our eligiblity criteria to get going. Once you are approved, you can start earning real money in the form of FLP points! Each FLP point will equal an amount of cash, which you can then withdraw anytime you want. Exciting right? Join the FLP today!!!


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5 Health-friendly Holi Recipes

While the festival of colours is all about unwinding and de-stress yourselves, one can not ignore their health completely. After the pandemic enjoying cautiously is the new normal. So we have prepared a mini collection of sweet and savoury Holi eats that will help you enjoy these delicious foods while watching your health! Let’s begin-

Indian Fusion Foods You Have to Try

Like every food connoisseur, we have our own theory about why Indian fusion food works so well. It is pretty simple, many Indian dishes have nailed the taste, often the balance, but lack texture. For example, phirni brûlée doesn’t sound very appetising but it has taken Goa by the wind! Why is it such a hit? The creamy-rich texture of phirni topped with crackling burnt caramelised sugar, now our mouths are watering just by saying this out loud!

Best 5 protein sources for vegetarians

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? When it comes to nutrition, vegetarians often get the stick and not the carrot. But that’s not the case anymore! With food tech expanding our culinary horizons, there are so many more options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foodism Social is a recipe sharing and networking mobile app that lets homecooks share and read recipes from all over the world. it is also a platform where you can earn hard cash with our FLP.

The app allows you to read recipes posted by other people and even lets you share recipes that you want to document. It is also a networking app that lets you connect with fellow food enthusiasts. Apart from this the app gives you the opportunity to earn money through these recipes, via our FLP.

The Foodism Loyalty Program is open for all and has an eligibility criteria, which once met, will enable the user to start earning points for each recipe they share and all the engagement they get on their recipes. Once these points reach certain sum, they can be encashed.