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Ditch Refined Sugar with these Healthy Alternative Sweeteners

We all have daily habits that keep our routines in check. The one thing shared by most Indians is starting their day with chai. We have to admit, there is nothing quite satisfying like a good cup of tea. But at the same time, the among of sugar that goes into a single cup of chai can be quite harmful too!

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Best Korean Spicy Chicken Recipe

If you are a foodie, you have crossed paths with Korean food. And don’t get us wrong, Korean food is simply delicious. It’s unique, different, flavourful and thanks to the power of the Internet- very famous as well. But when it comes to introducing someone to Korean food, it is all about choosing the right dish. Select the wrong dish and you have created a monster who hates a wonderful cuisine! So what is the perfect dish for a Korean food virgin? We have the perfect answer for you!

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Home Made Sattu Sharbat Recipe with Benefits

Post-pandemic lifestyle changes have been harsh on everyone’s body- physically and internally. We often find ourselves looking for homemade remedies to help cope with ailments or just to keep ourselves healthier. In this blog, you will find an ingredient which is a nutrient-rich superfood and has many more benefits, keep reading to know more!

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The Korean Steamed Egg Dish You Should Know

Nowadays, food trends change faster than the wind. The latest egg trend that has swept people off their feet is the Korean steamed egg dish- Gyeran-jjim. Let’s see what is all this fuss about-

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Coffee? Yes, please!

True love these days can be found in a lot of creative places—online, at a bar, or the old-fashioned way, on a blind date. But to a true coffee lover, the relationship they want and need is found every morning (noon and night, sometimes!) at the bottom of their favorite mug. Black, cream, sugar, foam, no foam, these preferences could easily divide nations, it seems, because people LOVE their coffee a certain and often will not budge on changing it.

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Celebrating 75 Years of Independence with Foodism

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” We could not agree more with what J.R.R Tolkien had to say in the 1900s. With Independence Day around the corner, people tend to get nostalgic. While our nation has changed tremendously and developed its unique place in the world, there is no denying that our culture along with other cultures involved has been affected by the colonisation and what followed after that. And food culture is no exception!