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The Benefits of Drinking Kanji

Kanji is Indian kombucha and has various health benefits because of its hero ingredient- kali gajar. Read on to know more about kanji.

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Jaggery - The Perfect Companion for Your Tea…!

Sugar’s modest cousin jaggery is fast gaining prominence as a healthy and nutritious sweetener and is replacing sugar not only in deserts but also in beverages. The latest rage in this segment is jaggery tea.

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An Introduction to Mexican Cuisine

The vibrant Mexican cuisine has been only limited to tacos and nachos in our minds. Read about the diverse Mexican cuisine, which is much more than tacos and nachos.

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Strawberry and its health benefits

Strawberry has various hidden health benefits. Read the blog to know everything about this tart fruit.

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Kaju curry masala

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Blissful Bengali thali

Quintessential Bengali fish curry