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We welcome and encourage hiring professionals and brands to post their job opportunity free of cost. Employees can search and apply for part-time, full time or freelance positions in the food industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest job opportunities that match your skills and interests.


Learn together - participate in or host food events with Foodism! Get inspired, learn from experts and expand your network by participating in our events. Hosting an event is easy and allows you to showcase your skills, gain exposure and connect with potential clients or employers. Build your brand or grow your business!


Showcase your skills and work experiences by uploading images or videos of your previous projects. Create a powerful work portfolio that highlights your unique talents and attracts potential employers or clients. Your work portfolio is your personal brand and a valuable asset in your professional journey.


Connect with other food industry professionals who share the same interests as you. This will help foster collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. Networking can lead to new business opportunities and help people in the industry stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

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Explore Opportunity

The job market can be tough, but we make it easier. Post job requirements or search and apply for new opportunities within the app to find the perfect role for you in the food industry.

Build Your Brand

Put yourself out there! Using the portfolio feature, one can share their creations, work experience, certificates, menu, product catalogue, services and more in pictorial or video form.

Host Events

Promote your f&b business/ services and share your food knowledge with other foodies. Build trust within your community of followers.

Connect To Industry Experts

As the food industry continues to evolve, Foodism promises to be a game-changer. It brings together brands, individuals, and industry experts, creating a vibrant ecosystem that promotes growth and innovation. The possibilities for the food industry are endless.

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More than just Recipes,
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5 Health-friendly Holi Recipes

While the festival of colours is all about unwinding and de-stress yourselves, one can not ignore their health completely. After the pandemic enjoying cautiously is the new normal. So we have prepared a mini collection of sweet and savoury Holi eats that will help you enjoy these delicious foods while watching your health! Let’s begin-

Indian Fusion Foods You Have to Try

Like every food connoisseur, we have our own theory about why Indian fusion food works so well. It is pretty simple, many Indian dishes have nailed the taste, often the balance, but lack texture. For example, phirni brûlée doesn’t sound very appetising but it has taken Goa by the wind! Why is it such a hit? The creamy-rich texture of phirni topped with crackling burnt caramelised sugar, now our mouths are watering just by saying this out loud!

Best 5 protein sources for vegetarians

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? When it comes to nutrition, vegetarians often get the stick and not the carrot. But that’s not the case anymore! With food tech expanding our culinary horizons, there are so many more options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Foodism App is a networking application that allows people in the food industry to connect with each other, share information, list events, create a portfolio and collaborate on projects.

Using Foodism App, users/brands can post job opportunities, list online or offline events, create a unique portfolio, message, and network with like-minded people.

Please refer to this Video for stepwise instructions on how to sign up.