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Know Your Food - Healthy Breakfast Options

Breakfast can be a tricky meal. You don’t want to have the same dish every day, but you also want to have healthy alternatives. After a lot of experimenting and taste testing, here is what the Foodism team came up with. Hope you enjoy eating these amazing breakfast options!

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Best Fruit Pizza Recipe - Foodism

We all love pizzas. Old, young, middle-aged or teen-aged, pizza is an ever-uniting food. As much as we want to have pizza every day, our heart health certainly doesn’t allow it. But what if the pizza had everything healthy on top of it? Introducing our favourite fruit pizza recipe! With the goodness of fruits, this healthy fruit pizza can be your daily snacking option!

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Best Staycation Ideas for - Pune - Ahmedabad - Chandigarh - Vadodara - Nagpur

Did you know taking a holiday can increase your productivity at work? It can also help you fight depression and lower your stress levels! Truly, we all need and deserve a break from the hustle-bustle of life at some point in our lives. It helps us to relax and reconnect with ourselves. Here are some exciting Staycation Ideas for you to consider before finalising your plans!

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Simple Recipe for Vegetarian Meatballs - Foodism

Do you feel like non-vegetarians have all the fun? Not anymore! This one is for the vegetarians out there looking to replace that meat or chicken in a recipe they love. Here is a carefully scoured vegetable meatball recipe that our team loves and we can’t wait for you to try these meatless meatballs out!

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Street Eats of India!

India has a delectable palette of cuisine. From expensive restaurants to cafes, street food is a crucial part of shaping the landscape of India’s culinary culture. Each corner of India, be it a village or a city, has its own version of street food. What is puchka in Kolkata, becomes golgappa in Delhi. Let us today explore the street eats in India

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Veg noodles

Veg noodles with prawn manchurian