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Veg noodles

Veg noodles with prawn manchurian

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Best Homemade Farali Recipes

If you are bored of eating fruits or ordering farali food from outside, you have reached your destination. Keep reading to find out about the best homemade farali food list of recipes that you can easily make by yourself. Of course, Sago remains on the top of this list!

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Best Homemade Khajoor Milkshake Drink Recipe

When in doubt, make a shake! Many people feel uncertain about shakes, but one sip and you are hooked for life. Date shakes are the perfect example of this. If you are a mocktail or smoothie lover, this drink is tailor-made for you.

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Anahita Dhondhy - Leading Chef & Inspiration

Chef Anahita N. Dhondhy took her first steps to fulfil her dream to become a chef by getting shortlisted for IHM-Aurangabad’s Culinary Arts program. Anahita’s lineage can be traced to the Parsis that settled in Delhi. The journey of the young female chef- Anahita N. Dhondhy is a story that will inspire you immensely.

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Are Frozen Meals Healthy?

Fresh isn’t always best - or the most convenient - yet many folks give a thumbs-down to frozen fare. Foodism shares with you how with a tad care you can pick up frozen meals that could be a permanent solution to your concerns like – lack of time and energy, food waste, portion control or obtaining adequate nutrients.

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Janmashtmi Special - All you need to know about the ‘Chhappan Bhog’

The all-powerful, all-knowing and omniscient Lord Krishna once said- “The only way to conquer me, is through love. And through love, I am happily conquered” What better way to a man’s heart rather than their favourite meal?! That is what most of the devotees offer the lord Krishna on Janmashtmi, which is supposed to be the day of his birth!