Beautiful Punjab on the Plate!!!


January, 8th

Nothing is more quintessentially Punjab than sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti, it’s an earthy hearty food abundant in flavour, nutrients and colour; much like the land and the people it belongs to.

Vaarunn Mishraa

5 minutes read

Oreo bread cake


January, 8th

Try this delectable recipe!

Suvarna Kulkarni

2 minutes read

Some of my clicks of my dishes.


January, 8th

Presenting various dishes of my cooking and my food clicks.

Ashwini Vijay

5 minutes read

Papaya Shake


January, 8th

Having papaya milkshake in breakfast is a best way to get entire daily requirement of vitamin A, C and E, and antioxidants in a single go at the start of the day itself.

Shaikh Tabasum

2 minutes read

Panipuri Tree with healthy brownie


January, 8th

All the things in a frame is carved by me

Daya Hadiya

5 minutes read

Sasu Ma Ka Daal-Baati-Churma


January, 8th

The Sumptious Baatis stuffed with Sattu mix served along with Churma and Daal makes it a complete,healthy and wholesome Meal.

Deepti Agrawal

1 minutes read

Tin Ratan Kofta Curry


January, 8th

A very flavourful kofta curry recipe.

Debjani Guha Biswas

2 minutes read

Mustard fish curry


January, 8th

Fish curry in a light mustard sauce is the curry of my dreams. Succulent tender fish cooked in a spicy and tangy mustard gravy in the traditional bihari way, just the way my mom and grandma used to. This curry is best eaten with simple steamed rice. After preparing this dish for my hotel training period I got tag as a Chef In Leela. Try it once I m sure you gonna love this dish.

Ishita Ranu

10 minutes read

Broccoli Corn Fritters


January, 8th

Bored of Eating Broccoli in Salad? This Winter, Try out this oil free and super healthy fusion of Broccoli and Corns.

Vandana Grover

5 minutes read

Pineapple lover cake


January, 8th

Egglesss Pineapple Cake with fresh pineapple dried flowers.

Sabhyata Jaura

2 minutes read