Idli's the Fasting way...


January, 12th

FASTING done Just Right!!!

Librina Dsouza

2 minutes read

Gajar ka halwa ( The Great Indian Carrot Dessert)


January, 12th

The taste of love by the aroma of caramalized carrot and khoa in every spoon still loiter in my mouth even long after I spurned scouring into my sins of pleasure.

Aradhana JENA

5 minutes read

Food Rainbow


January, 12th

In 2021, Let's Get Colored With The Healthy Natural Food Rainbow 🌈 @J10.Photography

Jayati Vyas

2 minutes read

Tiramisu Cake


January, 12th

Tiramisu Cake is so delicious and especially for coffee lovers its one of the favorite. I love ठोस Cake its made by me.

Mayurika Rathod

2 minutes read

Red Lentil Brownie


January, 12th

Gluten free healthy Brownie. Perfect for this season too.. U can ton even tastes the lentil. Tastes awesome.

Debjani Guha Biswas

2 minutes read

Grilled lemon chicken


January, 12th

This mouth-watering grilled lemon chicken is so easy to Make. Super-Satisfying chicken dish is ready in just 20 minutes. Add a sprinkling of curry powder, cumin and coriander for an extra kick.

Piyush Khanwani

15 minutes read

Cakewalking with Nigella Lawson


January, 11th

Nigella's Lawson's Easy Action Christmas Cake

Ambika Singh

5 minutes read

Morning Fuel


January, 11th

Breakfast? Sandwich? Porridge? Both? Tooo hard to decide :')

Rashmi Chawla

1 minutes read

The Chocolate Garden


January, 11th

The Chocolate Garden!! dessert with richness of chocolate in It.

Harshal Sawant

2 minutes read

Smoothie bowl


January, 11th

Smoothie bowls share a lot of the same health benefits as regular smoothies. “Most smoothies and smoothie bowls are inherently healthy due to the fact that they usually contain a lot of whole foods

Praghnya C L

2 minutes read