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Whiskey for Spanish Flu

If you are a huge fan of whiskey then this interesting trivia about how it helped during the Spanish Flu is very interesting

Checking your food for fungus and molds

Summers are here and a lot of food items spoil very easily. Here is a guide on how to check on your food for molds and fungus

Healthy juices for a glowing skin

If you have been struggling to get that natural beautiful glow on your skin then drinking these healthy juices might surely help give you that wonderful glow

Popcorn made in foil wrap

If you love watching moves and binging on some delicious popcorn then this hack of making it in a foil wrap will amaze you

Spice mix for immunity

The Indian cuisine is filled with a huge list of spices and condiments that are good for the immunity and keep us safe from diseases. Find out all about the spice mix here

7 teas for weight loss

If you have gained a lot of weight since the pandemic and are planning to lose weight then this these different kinds of teas will help you a lot

Litchis for summer season

If you are a huge fan of eating fruits in summers and the juicy and pungent taste of litchis entices you then you should definitely give this article a good read

Blueberries vs kala jamun

If you love eating summer fruits then choosing between blueberries and kala jamun is a tough one. Find out which one you shoul have and why in this article