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This receptionist gets 20 Lakhs for being excluded from an office party

A receptionist in the United Kingdom got paid 20 Lakhs due to the fact that she was excluded from an office party on purpose. Find out the entire story here

Make these fun 7 pineapple recipes at home

If you love pinepple and summers are incomplete without this tropical fruit then make sure to follow these awesome desi pineapple recipes at home and make your summers cool and refreshing

Easy hack to open a bag of chips

If you are one of those who struggles to open a simple bag of chips then here are some of the tricks to help you with this task

5 protein rich salads that you need to consume

Want to make your salad wholesome and healthy? Simply toss in some paneer or tofu chunks to add value to it! Some succulent chicken breast slices or a portion of eggs will do the trick too! And if you can’t find any of these - rummage through the good ol’ pantry for a handful of lentils, and you’re good to go!

Mira's long distance gift

Mira Kapoor sends the yummiest and sweetiest long distance gift to her sister in these trying times to cheer her up with her food.

Amazing garlic bread recipes

If you love having gralic bread now and want to add a twist to your regular garlic bread toppings then here's a list of topping recipes that will make your weekend exciting

Natasha Stankovics gets a treat form her sister-in-law

Hardik Pandya's wife Natasha Stankovics gets a delicious treat from her sister-in-law Pankhuri Sharma, wife of Krunal Pandya

Some easy summer recipes

If you are tired of all the home-made food that you make at home then here are some amazing summer recipes that are light and delicious and will add some zing to your dinner time