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Aamras by Karishma Kapoor.

Summer means the goodness of mangoes. Everybody. including celebs love to share how they are beating the summer heat with mango recipes. Joining the club is Karishma Kapoor who prepared a bowl of aamras on her Instagram story.

How to practice calorie-deficit diet?

Obesity is a big issue because of today's sedantry lifestyle. One tries many diets, but what we really need is calorie deficit meal plan and practice it. Read the article to know more

MasterChef Australia Contestant gave chicken 65 an unbelievable twist!

Masterchef Australia contestant Deepinder Chhibber stormed the culinary space by showcasing skills on fusion recipes. Her recent recipe, chicken 65, had a twist of taste which made the judges gaga go over her her culinary skills

Kitchen hacks by bloggers to fix a blip.

Not everyone can master the art of cooking. But there are tricks thy bloggers to fix any kitchen blip

5 black foods you must incorporate into your diet.

Other greens, go black in your dietary items with these five black superfoods to consume.

The unhealthy vs healthy debate.

Everything is not what it seems. Here is a list of food items that are supposed to be healthy but actually are unhealthy

Mira Kapoor showers her mom with lavish dinner.

Cooking is a gesture of love and Mira Kapoor Showers her mother with it on her birthday by throwing a lavish dinner that is droolworthy for the netizens

Want to know Nick Jonas' Cheat Meal?

Nick Jonas left us drooling with his cheat meal- pizza. But do you know it can be made on a healthier note with gluten free crust, veggies, lean meat and low fat cheese.