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Viral Song Busts Myths About Indian Food

To the rest of the world, Indian food is stigmatized to biryani and curries, of course it super spicy. Global audience fails to understand the eclectic variety of Indian cuisine Content creator Snea Bubber has created viral song that aims to bust these myths about Indian food, saying that is 'more than just curries.' The song was applauded by Priyanka Chopra.

kitchen secrets that can control sugar cravings.

According to celebrity nutritionist and author Rujuta Diwakar, the worst of all is sugar craving. It is due to poor eating habits and has a negative effect on our health. However, there some hacks through which we can learn to control our sugar cravings. Read to know more

What are Sorrel leaves & their health benefits?

Popularly known as spinanch dock, sorrel leaves are rooted herbs which has health benefits. Read to know more

This Beetroot Detox Water is effective in weight loss.

Get rid of toxins from your body, lose weight and also increase hemoglobin by consuming this detox water with roasted beetroot.

No to the alcohol for the healthy heart.

We all know that alcohol is bad for mind and body if taken in excess quantity. But. did you know , that even a glass of alcohol can affect your heart's health. Read to know how a glass of alcohol can be dangerous for your cardiac health

Best foods to consume before going to bed

Sleeping helps to absorb dopamine. But with todays lifestyle choices and eating habits, our sleeping patterns have gone for a toss. If you have trouble sleeping, try these food items before bed to induce sleep

Drink For Focus.

We all need to focus to excel in our work, especially the important ones, such as examinations. But, these days our cognitive ability to memorize and focus is going downhill due to distractions and deficiency in the nutrients. These beverage you can sip everyday to build your cognitive focus

Dumplings of Health.

Dumplings are mouthwatering. But the gluten and maida, makes it a restriction to consume it if you are watching your weight. Try these healthy wheat dumplings and lentil soup for deliciousness and health