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Priyanka Chopra Jonas opens her restaurant, Sona, in NYC

“Sona is the embodiment of timeless India and the flavours I grew up with." Priyanka wrote in her caption. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Hari Nayak and is set to open later in March 2021.

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared food for thought

The Twitter post had a story of an anthropologist challenging some African kids to compete against each other and the winner would get fruit in reward. The kids joined hands and ran together and answered the anthropologist’s confusion, “Obonato”, which means, “I exist because we exist.”

Single product restaurant to savory Umami Cocktails - Here are the biggest food and dining trends of 2021

From local and seasonal foods to alternative protein, to at-home dining and cloud kitchens , restaurants and chefs have contributed for the creation of prediction of food trends 2021. Swipe to know more.

Teen goes blind because of a junk food diet:

A teen followed a diet of eating nothing but fries, chips and other junk food, resulting in him turning blind. He was a fussy eater and blood tests showed he had anaemia and low levels of vitamin B12. Since elementary school, he wouldn’t eat foods with certain textures and was diagnosed to have damaged his optic nerve.

The beneficial apple cider vinegar has side-effects too:

Everybody knows the various benefits that apple cider vinegar offers. But a coin has two sides, similarly, apple cider vinegar also has some side effects. It can affect the potassium levels in the body required for muscle movement, interfere with the digestive system and its acidity can roughen enamel that can lead to teeth sensitivity.

Cranberries are good for the liver:

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and contains one antioxidant called proanthocyanidins which flush out free radicals from the body. According to research, apart from improving metabolism, cranberries can help reduce the disposition of fats around the liver.

Online sales and Cloud kitchens will lead to rise in demand for cold storage

According to reports, India is set to see a rise in the demand for cold storage facilities with the increase in market share of online grocery and fresh food deliveries along with the emerging popular trend of cloud kitchens.

F&B industry set to re-employ one million workers in 2021:

The F&B industry will employ aspiring chefs by four times this year. People have developed new habits due to quarantine fatigue. Meaning they would prefer to get takeaways rather than dining in a restaurant.