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Zomato's fun poll

If you have been craving some delicious street foods lately then this fun poll by Zomato will surely make you drool. Fin out what it was

The disadvantage of Intermittent fasting

A lot of people choose intermittent fasting to stay fit or as a lifestyle choice but this diet cna be harmful in the long run. Find out how

Summer salads to beat the heat

If you hate drinking water then the best way to stay hydrated is to have salads that are perfect for summers and pack a hydrating nutrient punch

Eating oats every day

Oats are a very healthy source of difference nutrients and having some rolled oats every day in the morning is very good for your health

Safe ways to use a pressure cooker

If you are someone who uses a pressure cooker for cooking a lot of your dishes then it is important to know the right way to do it

Raw onion for immunity

There are a lot of benefits of onions and the best way to consume is to have it raw. Find out how eating raw onions boosts your immunity

The benefits of jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit is an excellent tropical fruit with seeds that have a lot of benefits and if you know how to consume it correctly then you can make the most of the nutrients

Happy World Cocktail day

On World Cocktail day, learn all there is to know about cocktails and some of the rules that should be followed while making or drinking one.