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Know how to make Kolhapuri thecha.

Kolhapuri thecha is a spicy dish savoured in Maharashtra. Learn to make it real quick and even store it for 15 days

Super protein with sattu recipes.

Sattu is a superfood. Try these best sattu recipes for high protein

I am loving it.

That is what recruits at McDonald's say when they are incentivized with Iphones

Sana Khan Loves Poori.

Sana Khan's shared a delicious and indulgent image of round and fluffy puris that made netizens go gaga.

Reduce Late Night Snacking.

Late Night munchies add to calories, know how to reduce them with these tricks

India's first culinary art museum gets a worthy mention.

The limca book of world records recently lauded India's first culinary art museum which came into fruition due to the efforts of MasterChef Vikas Khanna

Dood Cola and Steam Chai to cure the Monday blues

If you have ever been to Kolkata then you will know all about the famous steam chai and doodh cola and if you don't then read this article to know all about it

Black Fungus from Raw Fruits?

There are a lot of theories as to how you get Black Fungus and some rumours spread recently that indicated that black fungus spread from raw fruits as well. Find out if its true.