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Farah Khan Treats Neha Dhupia With Lavish Home-Cooked Meal.

Farah Khan is not only known for her directorial and choreography skills but also her culinary delights are a hit amongst celebrities. Recently, she prepared a lavish dish for Neha Dhupia, ie, Lokhandwala Chicken, which was shared by the actress on her instagram

Karisma Kapoor's Birthday Bash by her sister featured comfort food.

Karisma Kapoor's 47th birthday bash was thrown by her sister with a gala. The dinner soiree was featured on the actress's Instagragam story thanking her sister and Saif. What netizen's found interesting was the dinner was all about comfort food with khichda and dahi bhalla.

Diljit Dosanjh's Choice Of Snack With Chai Is Offbeat; Can You Guess What It Is

Chai is everyone's favourite beverage. When it is paired with the right snack, it uplifts everyone's mood. Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh recently dished out his favourite snack paired with chai on Instagram which is sweetly offbeat. Read more to find out

Kareena Kapoor Khan Enjoys Movie Night With Son Taimur And Yummy Ice Cream

In the pandemic, everyone is staying and ordering take out to spend sometime with their loved ones. Actress Kareena Kapoor recently shared how she is enjoying a movie night with her son Taimur savouring delcious ice-cream sent over by Rhea Kapoor

Mouni Roy's dining table in Dubai -

Mouni Roy is currently vacationing in Dubai. but netizens are interested in her dining as she serenades her social media with exotic dishes such as french toast to cheesecakes. Read more to know

Diet Tips For Lactating Women: Foods To Eat And Avoid

Nutrition for a lactating mother is very important for both mother and child . Special attention must be given to monitor the food habits. This could help to better the nutrient intake for mother and child. Read to know more

How to curb junk food cravings?

Even though we know junk food are bad for our health we cannot control. With the pandemic, we know better that what we eat matters even more. Here are some methods recommended by experts to curb junk food cravings. Read to know more

Make this easy tawa pinwheel pizza at home

If you are a huge fan of pizza and crave it all the time then this interesting pinwheel pizza recipe will blow your mind. Make this at home and surprise your family