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Neha Dhupia's daughter turns 2.5

Neha Dhupia's daughter turned 2.5 years old recently and they decided to celebrate the occasion with her face smeared with chocolate

Top Restaurants in Mumbai collab with the Dabbawaalas

Some of the top restaurants in Mumbai are collaborating with the dabbawaalas of Mumbai to deliver their home-cooked food packaged food to different parts of the city

Best clam chowder in San Francisco

If you are a huge fan of sea food then here is an article that will let you know about the best clam chowder in San Francisco. Read all about it and more in this article

Mcdonalds 3-piece meal at 99

If you are a huge fan of the meals and combos at Mcdonalds then this 3-piece meal at 99 will surely make you extra happy

Cop offers his food to the homeless

In these tough times, a video of a cop offering his food to the homeless went viral and we can't help but feel proud of the cop

This Coconut Embryo may surprise you

Recently, a video of coconut embryo went viral and netizens couldn't get enough of it. Fin out what is it all about in this article

Add karela to your diet

If you have been planning to go on a diet and want to add karela in your meals then you should surely check out these 5 delicious and healthy recipes out now!

Bengali Chutneys for your meal

If you love having chutneys with your meals then this list of 5 bengali chutneys will surely add a zing to your meals