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Live the mango mania

If you are a huge mango lassi ice cream fan then these amazing mangoes recipes will delight your taste buds immensely

Toor Daal options for your sambar

If you like gorging on the South Indian cuisine, especially the lentil soup then this article about the 5 best toor daal options to prepare a soul soothing sambar will blow you away

Paneer Lollipops to start a perfect day

If you are a huge fan of all kinds of Paneer starters then this article is just for you. Add fun to your weekends by making this Paneer lollipop dish at home

Stuffed Mushrooms for the win

If you love all kinds of mushroom dishes then this article is just for you. Go through this recipe list of stuffed mushrooms and stuff yourself with these delicacies now

Water is the new wine

You must have heard of the best wine pairings with food but have you paied it with good quality water? This somelier's guide to water with food pairings will blow your mind away.

Man mistakes a table napkin for a cake

These days, everything is cake. But what happens when sometimes, it isn't? Here's a funny video of a man mistaking a table napkin for a cake and trying to get a slice out of it.

Lebanon chef whips the largest serving of Hummus

If you are a huge fan of hummus and can't get enough of the delicious dip then here's some fun news for you - A lebanon chef made the largest batch of hummus and created a record

Beker prints robber's face to get him caught

A bakery owner in Milwaukee, Winskonsin printed close to 100 cookies with the face of a robber to get him nabbed. Find out what happened