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Comparison of a low-fat plant-based diet, to a low-carb animal-based diet

People on a low-fat, plant-based diet ate fewer daily calories but had higher insulin and blood glucose levels, compared to when they ate a low-carbohydrate, animal-based diet, according to a small but highly controlled study at the National Institutes of Health.

Vegan diet significantly modifies metabolism in young children

Serum biomarker levels for vitamins A and D, cholesterol forms and essential amino acids were significantly lower in children on a vegan diet compared to age-adjusted omnivores.

Asian spices like turmeric had reached the Mediterranean much earlier than thought

Asian fruits like banana and spices like turmeric had reached the Mediterranean more than 3000 years ago. "Exotic spices, fruits and oils from Asia had thus reached the Mediterranean several centuries, in some cases even millennia, earlier than had been previously thought," says Stockhammer.”

Researchers create meat sheets that are better than their natural counterparts

Researchers have developed a new form of cultivated meat that guarantees more flavour and texture than the traditional meat from animals. Producing viable meat without raising and harvesting animals would be far more sustainable, more sanitary and far less wasteful, the researchers point out.

Insufficient food may cause depression and anxiety during the Pandemic

A new study linked food insufficiency during the COVID-19 Pandemic with depression and anxiety. According to the study, there is a 25 percent increase in food insufficiency during this phase, which leads to depression and mental health deterioration.

A non-cookbook for kitchen nerds - Krish Ashok's ‘Masala Lab: The Science of Indian Cooking’

Delving into the physics, chemistry and cultural context of cooking style in India - ‘Masala Lab: The Science of Indian Cooking’ by Krish Ashok can be called a nerd’s guide to cooking. Filled with explanations and cheat sheets galore, the book is quite gripping.

Raw is the way to go with Indian honeys

Reeling afresh from the controversies that surrounded Indian honeys recently, there is a growth in demand for raw honey in India. People are now looking to invest and consume unpasteurised honey varieties that have been sourced from forests across the country.

Will 2021 see us eating out again?

After a whole year of mostly trying home-deliveries, with vaccine drives in their 2nd phase now - restaurants and the F&B industry are looking at reviving themselves. So alongside a boom in cloud kitchens, you can also expect to see your trusty old neighbourhood haunts throw open their doors again.