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India to limit Trans Fat Levels in foods upto 3% In 2021 and upto 2% by 2022

In line with WHO's ‘REPLACE’ initiative, the FSSAI recently capped the amount of trans fat in oil and fats (like vanaspati, margarine etc) up to 3 percent for 2021. By 2022, this restriction of trans fat usage will be up to 2 percent.

Are you overdoing spices in your meal? Reddit user's cooking tips may help

The post was shared by a Reddit user on the sub-reddit r/cooking. The tip was upvoted 96% times by 2.3k users. In the post, the user shared he would keep over seasoning food as during tasting he did not get enough flavour out of the dish.

Unhealthy food diminishes the positive effects of an otherwise healthy diet

Puja Agarwal, a nutritional epidemiologist, said, “Eating a diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, fish and whole grains may positively affect a person's health, but when it is combined with fried food, sweets, refined grains, red meat and processed meat, we observed that the benefits of eating a healthy diet seemed to diminish."

Probiotic coffee and tea for a healthy gut

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created new probiotic coffee and tea drinks packed with gut-friendly live probiotics. The NUS team has filed a patent for the probiotic coffee to collaborate with industry partners to commercialise the drink.

Increased meat consumption, linked with symptoms of childhood asthma

Substances present in cooked meats are associated with wheezing in children. Higher intake of Advanced Glycation end-products (AGEs) is linked with increased wheezing that disrupts sleep.

Porcelain bowl bought for Rs. 2,500 turns out to be a Chinese artefact

A white bowl with cobalt blue painting of flowers and designs was bought by an antique enthusiast at a sale in Connecticut. The bowl was sold at Rs. 2,500 which turned out to be a 15th-century Chinese artifact worth Rs. 3.6 crore.

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver invents unusual grapes pizza

Jamie Oliver invented a pizza topping with grapes and called it “speedy sausage pizza” and revealed it on one of the episodes of his cooking show, “Keep Cooking Family Favourites.” The pizza was garnished with onion, sausage, pine nuts and red grapes.

The trend of baked oats for breakfast go viral

Baked oats appear like cake, but this dish is way more healthier than real cake as it uses oats instead of refined flour. This recipe has struck a chord with netizens and only needs oats, mixer-blender and microwave.