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Including wine and cheese in your diet may reduce cognitive decline

According to new research, the foods we eat may directly impact our cognitive acuity in our later years. The findings show cheese protected against age-related cognitive problems and red wine was involved in improving cognitive function.

The pillars of mental health: Good sleep, exercise, raw fruits and veggies

A study conducted by the University of Otago concluded that getting good quality sleep, exercising, and eating more raw fruits and vegetables predicts better mental health and well-being in young adults.

Experts say, Oats for breakfast is a good idea

One of the healthiest grains, experts say that oats are not only a great source of vitamins and minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and folate, the grain is also great for those who want to lose weight because it stays in the stomach for longer.

Indian takeaway in Ireland packs a double punch in terms of calories: experts

In a new study, health chiefs in Ireland have warned that the standard Indian takeaway can contain enough food for two people. Generally the meals include a starter, like onion bhaji, a main course, like chicken korma or tikka masala, served alongside pilau rice and a naan.

Post COVID - mixologists and sommeliers will have to multi-task to retain their roles

Nearly 60% restaurateurs surveyed in a study say that the demand for an expert mixologist and sommelier is far higher than their availability. However they would retain less than half of their original business volumes for a few months post- COVID-19 making the task much harder.

Country Kitchen launches new range of flours infused with vital vegetables

Country Kitchen announced the launch of a wide range of flours infused with vital vegetables, millets, and grains. These flours are made of high-quality ingredients such as MP Sharbati wheat and include Beetroot flour, Broccoli Flour, Spinach flour, Green Peas flour, Quinoa flour, Black Wheat flour among others.

Axia Foods to develop world’s first vegan butter and cheese made from almond

Axia which created the world’s first almond-cheese protein bars is now branching out into almond-based cheese and butter products, which it expects to roll out in 2021. Apart from this, they’re also expanding their product range and introducing new flavours in their protein bar segment.

Mediterranean Diet voted as The Best Diet Of 2021, followed by DASH and Flexitarian Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been named the best diet of the year 2021. The second position saw a tie between DASH (praised for its nutritional completeness and managing hypertension) and Flexitarian diet ( a flexible that emphasises on fruits, vegetables and grains and sometimes meat)