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Frozen ripe jackfruit is making its way into the market

The newest addition to the already growing Jackfruit market is going to be that of frozen ripe jackfruit. Bibil Thomas, of Kerala, has launched Jackobyte, which retails frozen ripe bulbs of jackfruit with a shelf life of three months. However, if blast freezing is done, the stock will last for two years.

Studies show that older adults in wealthier countries drink more alcohol

A new global study finds older people in wealthy countries consume more alcohol than their counterparts in middle-income countries, on average, although a higher cost of alcohol is associated with less frequent drinking. Across counties, people drink less as they get older, but at different rates and starting points.

Glucosamine supplements may reduce overall mortality about as well as regular exercise - New Study

According to an epidemiological study from West Virginia University, Glucosamine supplements may reduce overall mortality about as well as regular exercise does. the researchers found that taking glucosamine/chondroitin every day for a year or longer was associated with a 39 percent reduction in all-cause mortality.

Blackcurrants are most favourable for glucose metabolism - Research

Blackcurrants have a beneficial effect on the blood glucose response post meal. They balance the glucose response of ingested sugar by attenuating its rise and delaying its fall. The effect is likely associated with berry-derived polyphenolic compounds, anthocyanins - a study from the University of Eastern Finland shows.

More years of obesity means higher risk of disease - study

People with obesity do not all share the same risk for the development of cardiometabolic disease risk factors. The duration a person has spent with obesity over their lifetime has been hypothesized to affect this variation. Reducing lifetime exposure, may help reduce risk of diabetes, independently of obesity severity

Studies Find that High Doses of Saccharin Don't Lead to Diabetes in Healthy Adults

A new study led by researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and The Ohio State University College of Medicine found the sugar substitute saccharin doesn't lead to the development of diabetes in healthy adults as previous studies have suggested.

Mandatory oil and milk fortification to be implemented in India

Applicable to all edible oil and milk products in India’s organized food sector, the regulations will cover mandatory fortification with vitamins AND in the hopes of tackling the white scale deficiency of the two nutrients in the public health system, since many Indians are vegetarians with less access to these.

New regulations for plant-based labelling to be implemented in India by FSSAI

In a published draft notification, the Food safety and Standard Authority India, is prohibiting the use of dairy nomenclature for plant-based products. Prohibiting the use of any dairy term including milk for a product that is not made out of milk or is not a composite milk product is being looked into.