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FSSAI in the process of getting cell based meat regulations in India

While there is already a hot debate regarding plant-based dairy nomenclature in India. FSSAI is in the process of gathering data that would be able to regulate cell-based meat production sector in the year 2021.

Plant-based labelling regulations in India and Australia

The Food Safety and Standards Authority India (FSSAI) published a draft notification in 2020 to prohibit the use of dairy nomenclature for plant-based products. Anything else cannot be called milk if any plant-based product is intended to substitute milk, milk product or composite milk product.

A report finds cloud kitchens emerged as saviours for the F&B industry battling pandemic

“In the cloud kitchen space, it was an opportunity to scale our customer reach as no one could step out to eat. Restaurants have now learned that there needs to be an alternate source to generate revenue, and cloud kitchen is one of them.” Says Aayush Agrawal, Founder at Lenexis Foodworks.

German bakery celebrates the year of covid vaccine with syringe-shaped cake

A German bakery named Schurner’s Baking Paradise in Dortmund, Germany has created an interesting syringe-shaped cake to commemorate the year of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Transitioning from red meat to plant foods may reduce the risk of heart disease

High consumption of red meat, especially processed red meat, such as hot dogs, sausages and salami, is associated with an increased risk of death and chronic diseases, including heart disease. Replacing red meat with high-quality plant foods such as beans, nuts, or soy is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.

Drinking is linked to a decline in brain health

Studies indicate that the transition to binge drinking in adolescence is associated with reduced brain volume, poorer white matter development and small to moderate deficits in a range of cognitive functions. And in older people, alcohol use disorders were a cause for all types of dementia.

Growing your own food improves child health

According to new research, children grow taller in rural households where their mothers are supported to grow their own food. Research shows that if food is grown in home gardens, the risk of stunting, wasting and underweight problems in the children are reduced.

Warning labels reduce the consumption of sugary drinks

As municipalities have taxed sugar-sweetened beverages and schools and worksites have banned their sales, university researchers have found that simple warning labels on such beverages in a college cafeteria helped students reduce their reported consumption of drinks by 14.5 percent.