Foods to Liven up Fasting


November, 25th

In a country where all communities – Christians (Lent); Jains (Paryushan); Hindus (Shravan and Navratri); Muslims (Ramadan) et al – observe fasts of various types, understanding the variety of foods t

Foodism Team

15 minutes read

Safe Drinking Water


November, 25th

Rainproof your health by ensuring pure water Monsoon brings with it a bevy of waterborne diseases. Something as simple as your glass of drinking water can turn out to be a potent enemy

Foodism Team

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Dadi ma ke gond ke ladoo


November, 23rd

A ritual or a custom which is followed over the years and is passed on to Me. with this wonderful winter delight and warmth that is GOND KE LADOO. lot of gond and dryfruits make it a healthy and scrumptious winter Food.

Aparna Gupta

2 minutes read



November, 22nd

Khadimpak is special and most famous Indian Sweet receipe in Mangrol distict in Gujarat.made with Srifal (Coconut) and milk is major ingrediant.

Vibhuti Chanpura

3 minutes read

Festives are incomplete without Mouth watering Sweets


November, 22nd

Here I present Besan ke Laddoo along with gulab jamun and Mong daal ka halwa.Every dish has a special story.It takes a lot to add a feel to every dish that we make.Food without emotions is a food without Taste.Tastier the food,stronger are the emotions.

Supriya Bhattacharya

2 minutes read

My Emotions for Thekua


November, 20th

My memories with thekua are very vivid.. a number of failed attempts resulted to these beautiful Indian cookies made for for the occasion of Chhath Puja celebrated hugely in the northern parts of India. Made from whole-wheat flour and Jagerry syrup, with bits of fruits and nuts, These cookies can be highly addictive.

Ananya Ghosh

6 minutes read

Lobongo Lotika


November, 20th

This sweet dish from bengal has an outer crust filled with Mawa fried till crunchy and then soaked in sugar syrup to give that melt in Mouth feel

Tonuruchi Olimman

2 minutes read

Bhanora(Semolina Cake)


November, 20th

"Bhanora" is a traditional maharashtrian sweet regionally found in the coastal area of Maharashtra. It is made using Semolina, Jaggery, clarified butter, cardamom, dry fruits.

Jidnyasa Kamble

2 minutes read

Apple halwa recipe


November, 19th

This is a halwa that I can enjoy warm with my chapati or eat it warm or cool as a dessert.

Deepika Sharma

4 minutes read

Herbs To Pep-up Bland Food


November, 10th

Well the word ‘herb’ per se refers to a vast range of plants. Albeit culinary herbs are from the leafy green part of plants, and generally used to season and spice up our bland everyday meals.

Foodism Team

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