5 Must-Try Janmashtami Foods

By Foodism Team


India’s diversity has been celebrity across the world with the same vigour as it is celebrated in India. Particularly, Indian festivals have brought people together for a long time. One of the most popular festivals is Janmashtami. Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is an annual festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna- the eighth avatar of Vishnu. The annual date is decided in accordance with the Hindu lunisolar calendar. The festival is held in very high regard in Vaishnavism and Hinduism.

The day is celebrated in many ways following various traditions. This includes Chhappan bhog, fasting, dance, music and jagrans! This time around, we have compiled the 5 best Janmashtami recipes on our website, here we go!

1- Shrikhand 

Recipe- https://foodism.xyz/recipes/SHRIKHAND-RECIPE-Sweet-Golden-Yogurt-

No words are enough to describe this one! Shrikhand is a traditional sweet of the Indian subcontinent made from strained yogurt. It is silky smooth, tasty, creamy and rich in taste- perfect for your chhapan bhog!

2- Sabudana

Recipe- https://foodism.xyz/recipes/Sabudana-khichdi-14

This is one of our favs- sabudana khichdi or sabudana tikki, we love them all. They are fulfilling, tasty and can be customized according to your taste!

3- Rice Kheer

Recipe- https://foodism.xyz/recipes/Rice-Kheer 

This one is every Indian’s favourite- everyone loves a good rice kheer. Here are a few additional tips-

  • Use only whole milk unless you are diet conscious.
  • You can use khoya to make the kheer more rich and tasty
  • You can also use saffron strands to enhance the color of the kheer!

4-  Panjiri

Recipe- https://foodism.xyz/recipes/Panjiri

Panjiri is a North Indian dish which is made from whole-wheat flour fried in sugar and ghee, heavily laced with dried fruits and herbal gums. It is also one of the most common prasaad that is devoted to Hindu gods!

5- Patraali 

Would like another dish? According to the lore, a special dish was created for Little Kanha to introduce him to different foods and textures. The dish is known as Patraali and is a vegetable-based delicacy. It also consists of fruits, dry fruits, nuts and all things good. The vegetables were cleaned thoroughly and chopped finely so Baby Krishna could eat them and hence the dish took ages to prepare!

Here is a Patraali recipe that does justice to this complicated dish- https://foodism.xyz/food-stories/this-janmashtami-have-patraali