Buy Local



Buy Local 


With the stress being laid by the government on becoming self-reliant and the paranoia associated with Chinese products thanks to COVID-19 one can foresee a positive trend of buying locally grown and locally produced goods rather than their imported counterparts. 


In the context of food, local means food that is grown within a geographical region – it could be within your county, city, neighbourhood or even your own backyard! 


Locally grown food comprises of - fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, locally raised meats et al. It can be found in – farmers markets; community-supported agriculture programs; exhibitions; local grocery stores; local food delivery programs… and can even be grown by you!


This variety of food has a plethora of health benefits … it - is pesticide and preservative free; offers better nutrition; supports diet-related conditions; encourages eating a well-balanced diet; and it strengthens food safety as it passes through lesser hands radically decreasing the chance of contamination.


Green warriors too have multiple reasons to opt for local food as it – preserves small farm land and genetic diversity; reduces food miles leading to lesser consumption of fossil fuel (thereby saving on carbon footprint); and promotes accountability.


Locally grown food also helps support your local economy by – keeping the money in your community; ensuring that local farmers retain more profit; creating livelihoods; supporting other allied businesses; etc.


Alongside empowering the consumer local food also gives a feel-good factor as buying local - supports local families; brings the community together; encourages cultural diversity; and improves overall well-being


So go ahead get involved in the local food system and reduce the gap between human beings and food production.