Kodomillet:3/4cup Moongdhal:1/4cup Jaggery :1/2kg Ghee:75gms Cashews Dry grapes Milk:2spoons Elaichies Clove:1 Salt a pinch

Kodomillet sweet jaggery Pongal

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By aswini vignesh

Jan, 14th


8 persons
Cook Time
15 minutes
0 - 2


  • Kodomillet:3/4cup Moongdhal:1/4cup Jaggery :1/2kg
  • 2spooons milk,cashews,dry grapes,cloves


  • First wash the kodomillet and moongdhal then transfer it to the pressure cooker We have added both kodomillet and mooongdhal together 1 cup soo add 5 meaurement of glass of same cup in which we have measured that millet and mooongdhal then add 50 gr,s of GHEE then whistle it 7 to 8 whistles then in the meanwhile powder the jaggery then open the cooker add jaggery ,a pinch of salt then fry the dry grapes ,clove,ellaichies,cashews in a pan add it in cooker and again cook it for 5 mins atlast add 2 spoons of milk to make a good mashed yummy healthy sweet Pongal Serve it hothot


1:Use kodomillet instead of using normal raw rice becos it is a very very healthy one 2:Always add a pinch of salt in sweet items ,so that it will give a good taste 3:Add moongdhal to give more and more healthy recipe to our lovely family 4:Add milk to give extraordinary taste