1.One big size Dry Coconut- 200gm, 2. Khaskhas -50gm ,3. Gur 200gm 4.Almond-30, 5. kismish -20 ,6.Nutmug 7.Elachi powder, Ghee-50gm

Kaskas Jaggeri Coconut Ladoo

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By Kavita Rawat

Jan, 14th


12 persons
Cook Time
30 minutes
0 - 2


  • Kaskas, Jaggeri ,Coconut,Ghee ,Almond
  • Nutmug, kismish, Elachi,


  • 1.First kadukas one gola coconut big size 2. Rosted kaskas, Almond & coconut individually 3. In a deep kadhai, add two spoons Ghee elachi 4.Add gur first cut into a small size it's easy to Cook five to six minutes gur melted add two pinch nutmug powder add rosted coconut continue to cook with jaggery cook five minutes till mixture combind with jaggery than add kaskas chopped almonds & kismish again mix cook all the mixture ten minutes. 5. Gas flam off. 6.Transfer it to a bowl. 7.Delicious healthy &easy modak reddy with the help of Modak Mold


Always use dry coconut and grate it . Desiccated coconut in the market doesn't taste that good as it is in fresh coconut.