A sweet chocolaty idli recipe

Choco Lava Idli

By Anamika Modi

Jun, 13th


4 persons
Cook Time
30 minutes
2 - 4


  • 1packets Any Chocolate biscuits (big)
  • 2 packets Any Chocolates
  • as required Milk
  • as required Butter


  • Crush and grind the biscuits in a grinder. Take out in a bowl and gradually add milk in little proportion. Make a thick but little bit of flowing batter.
  • Take hot water in a container.Take out chocolates in another bowl. Place this 2nd bowl in the 1st bowl. Following double boiling method melt the chocolates.
  • You will need an idli maker to do this. Apply butter in each mould using a brush. Now pour one big spoon of biscuits batter in the mould. Then pour just a teaspoon full of melted chocolate in the middle of it. Again pour one big spoon of biscuits batter.
  • Follow these steps every time. Boil water in the idli making container. Lower the flame and place the moulds one by one carefully. Cover it. And let it cook. Once done put off the flame.
  • Scoop out the idli. It will come out easily because of applying butter. Garnish with chocolate syrup. Enjoy this soft,chocolaty mouthful idli.


Enjoy the meal