Street Eats of India!

By Foodism Team


India has a delectable palette of cuisine. From expensive restaurants to cafes, street food is a crucial part of shaping the landscape of India’s culinary culture. Each corner of India, be it a village or a city, has its own version of street food. What is puchka in Kolkata, becomes golgappa in Delhi.  These street food are delicious and mouthwatering. They are a combination of spices and sauces, and sometimes even sweet. Some of the street foods are a trademark of a city and are also available only during a particular season.

Let us today explore the street eats in India

  1. Phuchka

Call it golgappa in Delhi or Paani puri in Mumbai, but never say they are just like puchka in front of Calcuttans. Phuchka is the street food lifeline for Bengalis. They are just like small crispy puris, stuffed with ‘ghoogni’ and potato and mixed with spices. They are savoured with a dip in the spicy tamarind water.

  1. Goli bajje

This is a popular, yet offbeat snack of the street from Karnataka.  These are pakodas stuffed with curry leaves, green chillies and ginger. The batter is created with sour buttermilk. This leaves a fermented taste on the batter and your tastebuds. This a perfect street snack usually accompanied with filter coffee

  1. Dabeli

This is a popular street snack from Gujrat. It is originally from the Kutch region of Gujarat that blends the softness and crunch together. It is stuffed between spicy mashed potato, tamarind, and garlic in between the butter grilled buns. To give the crunchy texture, sev and nuts are added

  1. Misal Paav

From Bombay to Pune, Misal Paav is popular street food in Maharashtra. It comes with a thick spicy gravy made with moth bean sprouts, garnished with onions, coriander, and sev. It is best savoured with buttered pav

  1. Thattu Dosa

Thattu dosa is a popular street eat of Kerala. It is a size of a human palm and is best savoured with coconut chutney or red chilli chutney. As a breakfast dish on the street, it is also served with an omelette.

  1. Daulat Ka Chaat

Ending with something sweet, Daualt ka Chaat is a trademark of Old Delhi that is only found during the winter season. It has frothy texture that is created by whisking the sweetened milk and keeping it open overnight for absorption of dew. It has a delectable taste of khoya, powdered sugar, pista, and sometimes even saffron.

Well, India has more than 300 varieties of street food, and every year vendors innovate it to match up to the new taste of customers. However, we love the classic recipes. These make India’s culinary heritage richer and diverse with taste.