More Than just The land of Taj

By Foodism Team


While the great Taj Mahal acquires the first thought when we talk about the city of Agra, it is not the only thing that makes the city a huge tourist attraction. Just like Jaipur, the streets of agra are determined to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster journey. From lucknowi touch to mughlai roots, chat streets of Agra is a must-have experience for all the foodies out there!


So if you are planning your Agra Food venture anytime soon, this blog is your one-stop guide for having a good time. Let’s move with the history of the city and explore its mughlai roots.


Galouti Kebab & Ulta Tawa Paratha


What to do if you are a red meat fanatic with weak teeth? Nawab Wajid Ali Shah found the perfect solution and ordered the bawarchis & rekabdar to cook it in a way so that it melts in his mouth! This is how the legendary Galouti Kebab was invented that still continues to win the hearts of the people. When in Agra, don't forget to get yourself a plate in the streets of ShahGanj.


Shami Kebab and Boti Tikka 


Bang on choice for meat lovers, shami kebab and boti tikka are delicacies of Agra, courtesy of Mughal era. They are usually eaten with Khameeri naan or ulta tawa parathas with onion and chutney on the side. Wahid Biryani on Purani Mandi road is known to be the perfect joint for both of these mouth-watering dishes.


Moving to the Agra Specials, Sadar Bazar is the place to be for amazing chat options!


Gol Gappe & Bhel Puri


Doston Life hai adhuri without chatpati Pani Puri! To fulfil your Gol Gappas craving, Agarwals Gol Gappas is where you should be. You can also ask for extra masala, pano or even an empty batasha for yourself. Bhel Puri sale is dominated by Kelaji’s famous Bhel Puri stand who guarantees the spiciest Bhel Puris of the whole Agra city.


Aloo tikki chaat


Here is something old for your food journey. Aloo tikki chaat has been a shared interest for all generations. People of all ages come to chaat street of Agra to enjoy the crunchy and chatpati Aloo tikki chaat with sweet yoghurt, chutney and Anar on top. One serving of this dish will definitely fill your belly and soul!




Something you can find in every corner of North India is a good-hearty plate of momos. In Sadar street market you will mostly find vegetable momos in a variety of tasty disguises. From fried, steamed, tandoori malai, tandoori tikka masala to kurkure momos, here you can find the right answer to your cravings. If you are a chicken momo lover, you should be eating from Mama Franky, a local business run by father-son duo. While there, don't miss out on delicious fried chicken and chicken lollipop from their menu!


The Master Chef Pasta


The story goes like this- the son dreamed big and had auditioned for Masterchef, and hence the name- The Master chef Restaurant. Available for take-away and dine-in, you can find the best Indian-style Pasta right here. The joint is also run by a father-son duo who will brighten up your day with their delicious food. 


Pav Bhaji


Every Vegetarian craving, Pav Bhaji never gets old for a true North-Indian! Perfect for cold or windy-weather, you can get freshly toasted pav and spicy-hot Bhaji topped with generous amounts of onion and paneer. One plate of this and you won’t be able to have anything else!


Egg rice


Egg rice may seem like a basic option until you have it from the chaat streets of Agra! Chinese fried rice with vegetables tossed in umami sauces and topped with an egg of your choice. In the mood for some half fry or sunny side up? Just say the words and you will be served with a smile. Don’t forget to ask for topping on onion, tomatoes and chat masala.


Bedai bhaji


Last but not the least, if you did not eat this dish as your morning breakfast in Agra, your culinary journey will remain incomplete. Agra’s famous Bedai Bhaji is somewhat similar to kachori and sabzi. Bedai is made in the same fashion as the famous kachoris, with the exception of there is no filling inside it. It is deep-fried and is served with Bhaji, i.e, Chatpati aloo sabzi with achar. This can be found in every nook and corner of Agra, so it is impossible to miss it.


What More?


After all these scrumptious dishes, you may not have space in your tummy, but save some space in your heart for the famous Agra Pethas. You can find exotic Pan Pethas, Saffron Pethas, Marble Pethas and more to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to pack some for your loved ones. 

Have a Happy Agra Food Journey!