Memories of the first Traditional Pitha Making Competition at Bhogali Bihu 2021

By Riwitick Baruah


My platter

So it was a 'Traditional Pitha making competition' held during the month of January 16th, 2021. The contest has a 2 category consisting of Traditional Jolpan making contest and Pitha making with a modern twist in it. So i make 2 types of pithas, Jolpan which was very first time for me and a platter consisting of Rice powder mix with jaggery, curd and milk filled in a brownie. But interistingly i was able to secure the most "Creative and Unique" platter category for the second category.

Traditional Pitha consists of Bora Rice (Gila Pitha), Feni Pitha made of Arhoi Rice.


Me sitting at the counter waiting for judges

Prize given by the judges

Honoured to receive the prize from the best judges trio.

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