Food and Festival

By Suprita Sudhanshu


Festival have beautiful connection with food.
There are many festivals throughout the year. It's god's gift to us. We make many varieties of food during festival.
Much more happiness is offering prashad to god or goddess. After that sharing with relatives and friends.
We celebrate Ganesh chaturthi festival for 14 days. Everyday We offer modak (Different Flavours) to lord Ganesh.
We try to make unique and New dishes.
I am telling you About unique Modak's recipe. Paan Modak.




Trio Rose chirota It's my unique recipe made with flour,ghee,powder sugar, corn flour, beet root pink Colour, spinach green Colour. It's flaky dessert mostly i make this during festival. There are three Roses. #EatClickShare #suprita.1986

Paan Modak is Made with Mixing all these ingredients 5 to 6 Betel Leaves, 2 tbsp Gulkand, 1 tbsp Fennel Seeds, 2 TSP Cardmom powder, few chopped Candied Cherry, 1 cup Mawa, 1/4 cup Sugar, 1/4 Milk and 1 tbsp Ghee.