Arkol veggie turned 2 Chips

By Julie Pereira


Always watched my Papa (Dad) eat ARKOL raw.

thinking of making a dish to start experimenting with the main ingredient itself. What better way that to make it tastier yet to stick to It's earthy taste & tickle my tongue.


Relish Chips Are An Easy Idea To Play Around. Hence, I Cut This Vegetable Into Thick & Thin And Parboiled In Salt Water As Per My Mummy's Instructions Before Swallow Frying. Rubbed Some Pepper And Fried It Crispy In The Pan. The Taste Master My Son Approved It & Now We Have Another Fried Chips Made With Arkol To Look Forward To. Thank You Foodism For This Opportunity Especially The Call From Mr Mohit To Encourage Me To Gather My Thoughts & Write Done This Food Story.

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