Classic Cocktails everyone should know about!

By Foodism Team


If you know, you know. Cocktails are the new buzz of the town, and you have to know about them. So let us learn!

1- Martinez

Grandfather to the modern martini, the Martinez is a drink of gin (Old Tom, if you can; try Ransom or Hayman's), sweet vermouth, maraschino or curaçao, and bitters. It's a sweeter drink than the typical dry martini, but the flavor is complex and refreshing. 

This is the one you are going to find in the old and gold clubs only!

2- Martini

And here's the grandbaby, though now venerable in its own right. Within reason, you can mix this one up however you want, and it's still a martini. Make it extra wet with equal parts gin and vermouth. Make it ultradry with merely a wisp of vermouth. Shake. Stir. Garnish with an olive, a lemon twist, an onion, a slice of cucumber.

3- Bullshot

This brunchtime staple is a lip-smacking umami treat and many drinkers’ first foray into the world of savory cocktails. Once you’ve mastered the original, try the tequila-spiked Bloody Maria, clam juice enhanced Bloody Caesar and ultra savory Bullshot on for size.

4- Daiquiri

Here, with the daiquiri, you have what I call a perfect litmus-test cocktail. Whenever I get a new rum, I almost always want to try it two different ways—sipped with a little ice, and mixed into a daiquiri. I find that the lime and sugar in a daiquiri complement the rum and highlight its flavors. I learn more about a rum mixed into a daiquiri than I do by just sipping it on its own. 

5- Screwdriver

This is another one of the super simple traditional drinks that only has two ingredients. If you’ve got some OJ in your fridge, you’re halfway done with your screwdriver! For best results, choose a pulp-free orange juice, unless you like pulp in your mixed drinks. Screwdrivers are uncomplicated, readily available and absolutely delectable!

6- Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a wonderful drink, especially because its ingredients-lemon, sugar, soda, and gin-are very easy to obtain. Mixologist Erik Lombardo says this classic is delicious even if you switch out gin for a different spirit, like vodka or bourbon. Traditionally, Old Tom gin is used for a Tom Collins, though London dry gin also works well.

7- Whiskey Sour

A good whiskey sour is typically made with whiskey, sugar, an egg white, and citrus, with a lemon typically being the citrus fruit of choice. The egg white gives the drink a frothy texture, and Lombardo says it actually gives drinkers an often necessary boost of protein at the end of a long night.

Now that you are familiar with these drinks, Wait patiently for us to drop exclusive recipes !