Build Your Food Portfolio with Foodism

By Foodism Team


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform exclusively for food content so you don’t have to go scroll for hours to find one recipe? Well, we heard you loud and clear. Get ready to enter the foodverse with the Foodism app! How is it different from other platforms? Keep reading to find out!

Largest Online Recipe Bank

With more than 5000+ users on our website, we are the largest online recipe bank in India. From Indian recipes, Mexican, Chinese, and South-Asian recipes to Middle-Eastern recipes, you can always find your favourites on the foodism app. 

User-friendly Filters

Maybe you feel like eating Indian food, or maybe today is Taco Tuesday and you want a Mexican taco recipe. Our extensive filter feature can help you get the exact Indian recipes or Mexican recipes that you are looking for. You can choose the cuisine, dish type and meal course to see recipes that you are interested in!

Easy-to-use Recipe Cards

Whether you have to make a recipe or upload your own, our recipe cards are easy-to-use! With multiple units available, you can measure your ingredients down to the last milligram. 

You can also see which utensil will work the best for your recipe and observe the cooking time to plan your meal!

Besides the above features, you can also react to the recipes and even save them for future use. The foodism app is not just any recipe-sharing platform but a space for you to create, connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals!