What does Mukesh Ambani eat in a day?

By Foodism Team


Mukesh Amabani is a man with the most envious lifestyle. The massive manor that could put any royal castle to shame, the fleet of cars, the security are only the tip of the iceberg. 

So what does the man, who has everything, eat in a day?

Mukesh Ambani, according to sources prefers to start his day with a glass of fresh papaya juice – just like his father did.

Throughout the day, this busy businessman prefers light and frequent meals like soups and salads (he’s got to keep hydrated ofcourse!)

A man of many businesses, but also a simple palate, Ambani likes a full meal of rotis, sabji, dal and rice cooked the Gujarati way. He relishes his thalis like no other. But if external sources are to be believed, he loves to eat out too and doesn’t care where the food is from as long as it is tasty. A publication that ran a story on him had mentioned how his favorite foods to eat are the chaats at Taj Colaba, Panaki at Swati Snacks and Idlis and Sambar at the Mysore Café Matunga. He is quiet fond of South Indian food as well.