Veg noodles

By Naziya Asgar


#MindfulEating #myfoodstory

Veg noodles with prawn manchurian

VEG noodles  🍜

Noodle is favorite for everyone.. 
It becomes our partner during happiness, sadness and even when feeling lonely!
We think its unhealthy, abviously yes!!
But we can make it healthy by having it rarely or replacing it with wheat noodle 
And can also make it nutritious, by adding more veggies and less noodles😃 that way we can cheat our mind and tongue 👅 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hear i added lots of garlic, little tomato sauce and soya sauce for flavour..
And beans,carrot🥕,red🫑 & yellow bell pepper and some onions! Tooo good to go😎

Coming to side dish, its 🍤 prawn chilli Manchurian 🌶 🤤