Types of Home Chefs

By Foodism Team


Types of Home Chefs


Fortunately there’s no universal approach to getting a meal on the table. Here’s celebrating our culinary differences with a list of common chefs we find in the kitchen -


The Spice Rack Virtuoso

This one’s like a home kitchen DJ, who mixes and matches a wide assortment of dried herbs and spices to add her personal touch to everything


The Alfresco Gastronome

An outdoor buff you’ll find her standing beneath the big blue sky, directly over a barbecue grill, making her food happen over actual flames!


The Freezer Epicure

Most working women fall under this genre. They cook enormous quantities of food and then tightly wrap them in meticulously-labelled bundles and store them in the freezer – because reheating is their passion! 


The Dump and Stirrer

This one cooks at least 5 times in a week for a double-digit figure. So she’s smartly developed a steady repertoire of dishes and a mastery of opening cans, tearing into foil pouches, and mixing things in pots!


The Weekend Combatant

A hard-core gourmet this one starts planning from Monday morning what she’s going to be cooking next weekend. And is hell-bent on following to-the-T a multi-step process to create the most genuine version of whatever food variety she intends exploring 


The Creative Amateur

For this one, the kitchen is a rules-free zone where she whips up whatever cuisines, techniques, and ingredients happen to catch her whim


The Recipe Geek

This one absolutely needs to master the 100 per cent perfect way to cook a dish. She’s the one you’ll find: hunting for obscure ingredients and veggies with the vegetable vendor, local grocery or at e-portals; and spending hours-and-hours slicing onions into the perfecto half-moons!

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