That one time Jeff Bezoes ate octopus for breakfast

By Foodism Team


Jeff Bezoes is eccentric, to say the least. His business acumen and his vision and beyond our reach or imagination and yet he is a part of our daily lives through Amazon. 

Bezoes has stated that he prefers a leisurely breakfast, where he eats healthy, non-fatty, non-processed foods at ease. In better times, he used this golden hour to spend time with his wife – but this was of course before they announced their divorce. However, a strange incident mentioned in a publication stands out.

At an acquisition meeting once, that took place over breakfast, Bezoes ordered a Mediterranean octopus with a side of greens and potatoes. While eating his strange breakfast, Bezoes mentioned how the man he was about to make the deal with was like the breakfast octopus. He had never had one before, but he knew he’d want to try it. 

The deal ofcourse went through.