Tea … An Immunity Booster!

By Foodism Team




Tea … An Immunity Booster!

The modern world brings with it a low immunity threshold leading to a large number of people falling prey to common cold, flu and other such ailments.

Our humble tea is being touted as an elixir to boost immunity levels subject to it being consumed in limited quantity. There’s a rumour going around that tea is also an effective weapon against the on-going COVID-19 … but the same needs to be scientifically proven.

Here’s a quick look at various types of teas and their benefits -

  1. Honeysuckle: Decreases inflammation; and relieves - upper respiratory tract infections including cold, the flu, and pneumonia; fever; urinary disorders and headache
  2. Bitter Tea: Detoxifies; and alleviates - sore throat, cold and flu; and improves circulation
  3. Ginger: Fights germs; calms nausea; protects against chronic diseases; and relieves cough and headaches
  4. Chrysanthemum: Reduces inflammation; detoxifies; and is good for the eyes
  5. Aloe: Reduces inflammation; and improves immunity
  6. Lavender: Reduces - anxiety; symptoms of depression; and pain associated with menstrual cramps
  7. Lily: Clears lungs; and reduces cough and mucus
  8. Lemon: Improves immunity; and detoxifies
  9. Apple Blossom: Detoxifies; and clears lungs
  10. Chamomile: Reduces anxiety
  11. Nasturtium: Detoxifies 
  12. Magnolia: Relieves sinus congestion
  13. Lotus Seed: Reduces inflammation, cough and stress; and clears mucus
  14. Goji Berry: Improves energy; good antioxidant; and good for the eyes
  15. Tangerine Peel: Lowers cholesterol; reduces mucus, cough and urinary difficulties; and good antioxidant
  16. Honey: Relieves cough and sinus congestion; and soothes throats

So go ahead and blend some of these ingredients to make your favourite cuppa to refresh you during this lockdown period!