Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, can’t survive without tea!

By Foodism Team


In an old interview from 2016, Branson had mentioned how he survives on at least 20 cups of English Breakfast tea in a day! The maverick businessman known for his quirks and absolutely stunning sense of business is addicted to tea!

Apart from his teas, Branson loves to eat fresh fruit or muesli for breakfast, which will occasionally be swapped with a fish – a kipper or herring! Branson’s fancy Caribbean home is where he holds all his meetings over lunch, to lighten the mood when he does heavy-duty business and makes million dollar decisions. While his main meal preferences are largely flexible, one would assume that living on an island would involve consuming copious amounts of seafood. In true English style, Branson prefers to wash down every meal with a cup of tea and wouldn’t have it any other way.