Mark Zuckerberg and his ‘eat what I hunt’ diet

By Foodism Team


Mark Zuckerberg is more than what one would call a maverick – his eccentricities are more talked about than his business sometimes. While he has been very nonchalant when it comes to food habits, there is one particular diet that he followed which stood out. 

For someone who had made a clear statement that he has no time to think what to have for breakfast and that picking a breakfast food was a waste of time – he went all out with this one.

Zuckerberg once followed a diet that would allow him to eat the meats of the animals that he had himself killed/hunted.  In 2011 the Facebook founder would only eat-what-he-killed and this included goat, chicken, pork and lobster meats. 

If this isn’t quirky we don’t know what is!