Jaggery…Your Power-booster for Winter!

By Foodism Team




Jaggery…Your Power-booster for Winter!


Jaggery, the rural cousin of sugar, is fast emerging as a miracle winter food. 


Ayurveda vouches for the hot potency (taseer) of jaggery as heat is generated in the body during its metabolism. Apparently each gram of jaggery contains four calories leading to heat production in the body. During winter blood vessels generally get constricted due to the cold weather; it is here that jaggery pitches in with its magic and dilates the blood vessels leading to improved blood flow thereby generating body heat which keeps one warm during the chill. 


Jaggery ups the immunity quotient of the body too, leading to a drastic drop in cold and cough levels. Moreover the combination of sesame seeds and jaggery is a sure-shot solution to widespread respiratory problems in winter like - asthma, bronchitis etc. Jaggery also plays a pivotal role in reducing joint pain. Senior citizens are advised to consume jaggery with milk or ginger juice to strengthen their bones and reduce arthritis pain.


Jaggery is prepared from multiple sources like date palm, the sap of coconut et al; with the most preferred being sugarcane juice. A better substitute for white sugar, this popular pantry item, is rich in minerals and vitamins. 


As jaggery is replete with - minerals, antioxidants, metallic elements like phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and more – it is attributed with the following additional benefits:

  • Prevents constipation and enhances the production of digestive enzymes
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eases menstrual cramp pain
  • Prevents anaemia 
  • Boosts body metabolism and helps in weight loss


So the next time you feel cold pick up a piece of humble jaggery…