Home Barbecuing Guide

By Foodism Team




Home Barbecuing Guide 


There is a growing awareness regarding barbecuing being suited for Indian food and vegetarian cuisine - say a barbecued paneer or capsicum. 


Primarily one needs to understand the difference between barbecuing and grilling – while the former involves a slow circumvented unit of air, done with lid closed; grilling is cooking with direct heat from the bottom


Here’s sharing some cues to get you started on barbecuing -


  • There’s no limit or restrictions to what you can barbeque; so long as you ensure that your raw meat is sourced from the right store and stored carefully
  • Smoking is a common barbecuing technique used for lending a unique flavour to the barbecued item – where meat or fish absorb the flavours from the smoke of the hickory wood or charcoal
  • Prior to barbecuing the item soak it in marinades - like vinegar and various forms of oils 
  • Pat dry rubs - which usually contain spices or herbs or salts (and sugar) - onto the item to be barbecued (especially meat) to help open up the pores during the cooking process facilitating flavour absorption
  • Popular ingredients of sauces to accompany the barbecued item include - mustard, vinegar and tomato 
  • Right from simple coal barbeque grills, to barbeque fan-blowers to larger grills there’s a plethora of accessories available online. Some of the popular BBQ equipment includes –
    • Charcoal Grills: To be selected in sync with the size of your backyard or an apartment balcony
    • Smoker: Ideally suited for slow-cooked meat or vegetables
    • Table Top or Portable Grills: Budget and space-friendly 


So go-ahead and try your hand at barbecuing and don’t forget to share your experience with us!