Careers For Those Who Love Food

By Foodism Team


For those students who have just completed their Standard XII and are vetting further study options to prepare them for careers in the food segment Foodism has curated some off-beat yet extremely satisfying options.


Besides innovatively creating dishes based on their area of interest and expertise they also manage the operations of the kitchen


Qualification in Culinary Arts (Bakery and Confectionary for instance) or Hotel Management alongside loads of patience, curiosity and creativity.

Career Opportunities 

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Food Chains


Flavour Chemist

They create the agents that give different food items their unique taste, often without the presence of the actual substance itself for example – strawberry or lemon candy. 


Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Food Science; along with a sharp sense of smell and detail-oriented taste buds

Career Opportunities 

Food processing companies; industries like - tea, coffee, wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet food et al

Food Blogger

These are people whose passion for food leads them to travel to various places exclusively to try out their food; and then pen blogs to showcase their entire experience


A mix of courses on - Photography, Content Writing, Blogging, Social Media with a spattering of Digital Marketing and Web Design

Career Opportunities 

Self-employed; Food and lifestyle websites

Food Critic

They explore microscopic details of a dish (texture, taste, aroma, appearance, quality, flavours, etc.)  and share their opinions through written columns or even video shows.


Degree in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts; alongside degrees in English Literature, Mass Communication, Journalism, et al 

Career Opportunities

Magazines, newspapers and online food websites

Food Photographer

They work with food stylists and click photographs to make dishes/food products look appealing in magazines, websites, advertisements, hoardings, menus and cookbooks, etc.


Degree/diploma in Photography coupled with creativity and an eye for detail

Career Opportunities 

Magazines, restaurants, newspapers, blogging portals, food and beverages brands etc.


Food Stylist

The onus to make food look visually appealing, appetizing and fresh (for photographs, videos and clients) by focusing on elements of colour, shape and texture – rests with them.


Diploma/ certificate in Food Styling; knowledge of photography; degree in Culinary Arts/Hotel Management alongside a flair for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking 

Career Opportunities 

Restaurants, hotels and magazines, et al 

Food Technician

These are the brains behind ready-to-cook food, instant noodles, dehydrated foods and canned juices! They study the chemical, physical and biological properties of packaged food products and develop processes to package and store food, inspect food quality and strengthen the technology used to process food.


Post studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Grade XII; a degree in Food Technology and Biotechnology 

Career Opportunities 

Food and beverages companies

Molecular Gastronomist

An upcoming field molecular gastronomy entails studying the chemical properties of food and using that understanding to prepare traditional items in innovative ways say for instance - Nitrogen Ice Cream.


Degree in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts; followed with a specialized program in Molecular Gastronomy.


High-end bars, hotels, food joints, research institutes etc.


These are experts who help you decide what and how much you should eat based on your age, weight, gender and lifestyle. This segment has come to the fore in the recent years owing to the increased focus on health and nutrition.


Degree in Home Science, Nutrition or Food Technology, followed by a Post-graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics; along with clearing the licensing exam conducted by the Indian Dietetics Association (IDA).

Career Opportunities 

Paediatric nutrition centres, private clinics, slimming centres, old age centres, sports clubs, gyms, et al 


Quite exhaustive eh! So post selection of the option that best suits your aptitude go ahead and prepare for a career that allows you to satisfy your love for food and earn at the same time.