Blends for the Coffee-Buff



Blends for the Coffee-Buff


The sheer bliss which the aroma and taste of coffee brings to a coffee-lover cannot be described in words. 


Of the 40-odd-varieties of coffee blends available in cafés, Foodism provided you with a peep into 9 popular ones - 


Café Latte 

A coffee-buff-fad this frothy blend comprises steamed milk and a single shot of coffee 


Cafe Americano 

Purported to have originated during the Second World War; it’s prepared by adding hot water to a shot of espresso coffee 



An all-time-favourite this one’s from Italy and has got three layers – espresso, steamed milk, and finally the frothed, foamy milk ... topped with sinfully-delicious chocolate! 



The purest coffee experience…this one’s prepared by boiling water under high pressure through finely-grounded coffee beans and then poured into a narrow mug


Flat White

Has its roots in both New Zealand and Australia; it’s made by pouring steamed milk from the bottom of the jug (which is creamy) over a shot of espresso 


Irish Coffee

This one’s brewed with whiskey and sugar, topped with a thick layer of cream 


Long Black

Hot water poured into a cup followed by two shots of espresso ... quite strong and deliciously creamy too!


Macchiato nee Piccolo Latte

The stronger and miniature version of cappuccino, this one’s a shot of espresso topped off with foamed milk dashed directly into the cup 



Popular as mocha it’s actually a latte with added chocolate powder or syrup topped with whipped cream



Made by adding two shots of particularly strong espresso together; before pouring whipped cream 


A lot can happen over coffee…eh?