Top 3 Reasons to travel in Indian Monsoon season

By Foodism Team


When it comes to travelling, there are no exceptions. Everyone loves to travel/ wander one way or another. But travelling across the country on monsoon is something that should be on everyone's bucket list. From the best weather, and food, to the most wonderful sceneries, monsoon travels can be quite mesmerizing. While it also has its fair challenges, tourism is always the most in this particular season. domestic, foreign tourists and local tourists can be seen at every holiday destination. So if you are planning to take a trip this year, this is why you should do it now!

Manageable Crowds

If you want to visit the main attractions of a city, the crowds can be daunting. But in monsoon season, they are manageable. While in any other season you may find it extremely hard to reach in front of the landmark or get a good picture, in monsoon season, this can be easily done!

Cheaper rates

Hotels always give discounts during the rainy season in India. What this means is that you could stay in a luxurious room for the same price as a budget one costs in the high season. Travelling during the rainy season in India is the perfect chance to stay in your dream hotel!

Mesmerizing scenery

There is more to the monsoon season than just rain. Natural life really comes alive during this time of the season. Especially, the mountains are a beauty to behold. It is also convenient for driving in the light rain, just before snowing starts in late November. Even the western ghats are adorned with flowers and the scene is too beautiful to miss!

Safety tips to practice in your Monsoon travels

Pack the essentials

Make sure that you pack a few essentials to protect yourself from the rain, like a raincoat, an umbrella and a waterproof cover for your backpack. Don’t play it by the ear, have a proper list to refer to so you don’t miss out on anything including your safety kit. 

Keep your eye on the weather

Unlike the rainy season in Southeast Asia where often the rain falls in the afternoon which allows you to plan your day around the rain, the rainy season in India can be very unpredictable so keep your eyes on the clouds and on the humidity. It can be dangerous to be on a steep slope during heavy rain, so travel with experts or prepare beforehand accordingly.

Bring mosquito repellent

This is the most important of all! You don’t want your trip ruined because of an insect, pack your repellent (loads of it) and don’t forget to stay covered all the time. The rainy season in India can bring mosquitoes along with other insect wildlife which are not friendly, so be careful!

Now you are all set for your monsoon travel endeavours!