National Unity Day Foodism Special

By Foodism Team


If the route to a person’s heart is through their stomach, India has created a gazillion ways to touch our hearts! We absolutely love food. Food is festive, food binds us all, food is the star of every show…and we could go on-and-on! So on National Unity Day here’s showcasing traditional delicacies from 28 States of Mera Bharat Mahaan…

The best thing about living in India is enjoying a culture and tradition that is as wide as India, with every State having its niche delicious creations. The various traditional foods of Indian States put together present an abundance of flavour, spices, texture, and a heavenly potential to satisfy the food lover in you! 

So let’s embark on a State-wise (in A-Z order) national food trail…!

Andhra Pradesh – Pulihora

This traditional dish has set comfort food goals for all Indian states! Prepared with tamarind, rice and various spices, this delicacy is directly dil se! 

Arunachal Pradesh -  Kholam 

This one’s the perfect dish for those who find plain old rice boring! With a distinctly smoky flavour thanks to the cooking process wherein rice is cooked in the hollow of a bamboo tube and then buried in the dying embers of a fire. 

Assam - Masoor Tenga

An integral part of the Assamese cuisine, no thali is complete sans this fish curry ... it’s a riot for spice fanatics.

Bihar - Sattu Paratha

This dish strikes the perfect balance between nutrition and taste. 

Chhattisgarh - Besan Cheela 

Confused eh? Well, albeit this ‘simple pancake made with gram flour and vegetables’ is eaten in all Indian states in the North, yet it has its roots in Chhattisgarh. 

Goa - Fish Curry

Goa is known for its seafood; and trust us…this fiery and spicy fish curry with rice will explode your taste buds! 

Gujarat - Bajri No Rotlo

The perfect panacea for your blues, this aromatic rotlo, made healthy with bajra needs only pickle, garlic chutney and curd on the side. 

Haryana - Kadi Pakora

Pakora dipped in kadi made of curd and a whole lot of spices are the perfect partner for your rotis and rice.

Himachal Pradesh - Siddu

This hill dessert is a combination of wheat flour and yeast.

Jharkhand – Dhuska

This delicacy made with rice, chana dal, and potato is so yummy that dhuska makers can win every breakfast competition hands down!

Karnataka - Ragi Mudde (Ragi Ball)

This simple dish is replete with the goodness and nutrition of ragi; and when served with any curry makes a wholesome, delicious meal.

Kerala - Unniyappam

This traditional dish from ‘God’s own country’ is made of rice, jaggery, and of course, coconut to add a comfort hue to your snack time.

Madhya Pradesh - Mawa Bati

This sweet - filled with fried mawa, spices, and the richness of dry fruits - is a surprise twist to our beloved gulab jamun!  

Maharashtra - Puran Poli 

Well, vada paav apart we need to recognize this lip-smacking contribution of Maharashtra - a yummy sweet flatbread made with chana dal and jaggery. 

Manipur - Ngari

Prepared with dried fish and soaking in exotic flavours - Ngari is an aromatic treat for the soul.

Meghalaya - Jadoh

Meghalaya’s answer to your conventional rice and meat combination, this amalgamation of beautiful colours is cooked with red rice and various flavours of pork - a heavenly treat for both the eyes and the tongue! 

Mizoram - Sana Thongpa

This delicious paneer variant combines paneer with green beans simmered with spices in milk gravy. 

Nagaland - Pork With Dry Bamboo Shoots

Continuing with our northeast feast trail, try the famous pork with dry bamboo shoots, Naga style. 

Odisha - Rasgulla

Oh yes, this is where it all started! Odisha, we are indebted to you for the rasgulla!

Punjab - Makke Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag

Now we’ve heard about this one, haven’t we? This classic dish pairs the earthy tones of saag with the heartiness of corn roti. Eating this in cold winter is akin to a warm hug.

Rajasthan - Ker Sangri

A mouth-watering combination of ker berries and sangri beans

Sikkim - Momos

Yes, Sikkim is the homeland of Momos. 

Tamil Nadu - Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu

Bored of sambar but missing its amazing flavour? Try this combination of tuver dal and spices which is the perfect blend of tangy and spicy.

Telangana - Hyderabadi Biryani

Need we say anything…?

Tripura - Muya Awandru

This delicacy – made with rice, bamboo shoot and Berma (a fermented fish) – is something which meat lovers will absolutely drool over! 

Uttar Pradesh - Baingan Ki Lonje

This one’s a must-try for those who find brinjal to be boring … the plethora of flavours and masalas will make you a brinjal lover!

Uttarakhand - Ripe Lemon Chaat With Bhang Chutney

Made with the zesty lemon this traditional dish from ‘the land of the gods’ is a must-have with every paratha you can lay your hands on. 

West Bengal - Bhapa Lish

If the Goan Fish has got you asking for more, head over to West Bengal for their traditional Hilsha Fish dish, Bhapa Lish. 

Can we hear your stomach rumbling? So how about sharing your own ‘State Special Recipe’ in the comments section…?