Living Fit with Nutritionist Vicky Mann

By Foodism Team


With the hustle and bustle of life, It’s becoming harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hectic work timings, untimely eating schedules, and lack of sleep have become the new normal. We have always heard about ‘good habits such as eating timely, and maintaining REM cycles but what if it’s not a possibility anymore?

To answer this question, we invited Mr Vicky Mann- a well-known nutritionist who could shed some light on how to live healthily in the ever-changing modern world. We hosted a Ask Me Anything session on our Instagram with Mr Mann, where he explained how your fitness schedule should fit your needs and adapt to your daily routine instead the other way around. With a viewership of more than 500 followers and 30+ questions, the event was a great success and very helpful to our vast audience! 

In this blog, we will be sharing the focus of the AMA with you all so this can help you build a better fitness or diet schedule which suits your routine! Let’s begin- 

#1 Well-Rounded Balanced-Diet

A well-balanced diet includes every component, including starch, carbs, sugar, protein etc and skipping any of these or keeping one deficit can cause harm to your body. 

Mr Mann states how sometimes when we want drastic results in a limited time, we try to cut off sugar, protein or carbs which may result in drastic changes in the physical appearance but harms the body in the long run.

He also focused on how our vitamin D intake is compromised with our lifestyle and we can maintain it through good sources of vitamin D like mushrooms or you can even use supplements prescribed by a doctor!

#2 Healthy Guilt-free Snackables

Workplace snacking is unavoidable. We spend a major amount of our day there and just one lunch is simply not sustainable. But then there is the question of how many packets of junk food can you eat in a day without compromising your health. Mr Mann suggests these snacks that you can munch on guilt-free!

  • Quick eats: Makhana, Popcorn, Peanuts
  • Evening appetizers- Sprouts, Chana, Hummus and pita

#3 Importance of Active Living

Maintaining a healthy balance between food intake and burning calories is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Here Mr Mann also emphasizes on the amount of cardio, weight lifting or any other physical activity an individual should do in a day depending on many factors such as age, build, routine, past ailments, current ailments, strength and endurance. 

But to keep a healthy heart and lifestyle, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

#4 Alternative Protein, Zinc and other mineral sources

Intake of protein, zinc and other minerals whoch tend to be plenty in the non-vegetarian diet is equally important for vegetarians/vegans etc. For eg- Egg has biotin which is necessary for hair growth, so it is important to find an alternative if you don’t eat egg! 

A well-balanced diet depends on the equilibrium of these vitamins and minerals, so here are some alternatives Mr Mann suggests- 

  • Good zinc sources- Chai seeds, Pumpkin seeds
  • Protein sources- Tofu, Paneer, Imitation Meats

Have more questions and missed our session this time? No worries! We will be back with more AMA sessions with experts to answer your food and health queries. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram!