Inside some of India’s best restaurants

By Foodism Team


Travel the world in 10 restaurants! Here is a sneak peek of some of the best restaurants in the country.

1. Yauatcha, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

Cantonese cuisine complemented with the ambiance of a modern Chinese tea house with the bustle of metros in the background – what better than to savour your favourite flavourful rice and noodle dishes! Yauatacha is a one of its kind restaurant that runs within metros and serves foods that are not only deliciously but authentic to their origin. Apart from great food, get ready to sample some of their best cocktails, delicious concoctions and unexpected blends of flavours – you’re in for a true treat!

2. Dum Pukht, Kolkata

If you are a sucker for traditional royal treatment with a touch of colonial courtesies, this is the place for you. The ambiance sends you trotting back to the times when India was ruled by the maharajas. The hospitality and service screams of all things traditional, and the food is one notch above everything else you’ve ever eaten. Try some local Indian fare, some traditional Bangla cuisine and revel in the India that was.

3. Wasabi, Mumbai

Seafood dishes at their best – Wasabi is home to some of the world’s best known and loved fish and seafood dishes. From carpaccio to cod they’ve got it all! And not just that, the desserts boast of beautiful dishes like a wasabi crème brulee – something we’d totally try atleast once! Signature foods include delicious Japanese delicacies that are made with authentic ingredients and imported foods. Wasabi offers a delicious amalgamation of local produce tempered with foreign imports.

4. The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

Weep with joy as you savour every dish on this restaurant’s elaborate local menu. Build brick by brick by Chef Thomas Zacharias and the Late Chef Floyd Cardoz, this one is a total winner. With gourmet takes on local dishes like ghee roast and ponkh, this menu gives delicious vibes. Wash your food down with some in-house cocktails that will leave you asking for more.

And if you’re not in the mood for drinking – pick a boozy dessert! Like the Gulab Nut – which is a gulab jamun, shaped like a doughnut and dunked in…not chashni…but a lovely concoction of the good ol’ Old Monk! Ending your meals with one of these is a joy, we cannot express in words! Try it for yourself. Oh…and don’t forget to enjoy some of their chotu plates!

5. Indian Accent, Delhi

Nothing screams Indian like Indian Accent does! With a volley of super fancy dishes and a constantly changing chef’s tasting menu, Indian Accent has something to give everytime you visit it. With a warm, welcoming ambiance and corners that exude luxury, Indian Accent is more than just food. Pristine white plates come filled with beautiful looking food that is simply too good to eat – but one morsel in, you won’t be able to stop. The food here, is an amalgamation of everything Indian regional. So you’ll fine a braised lamb, done in a moreish Indian curry or even better – puchkas or paani puris done in a molecular gastronomic form. Cocktails here are nothing less than divine and everything is just too ravishing.

6. Bomras, Goa

This hidden gem in Goa is the holiday capital’s best-kept secret! Bomras, run by Bawmra Jap dishes out some super exotic seafood dishes, local Goan curries, Thai fare and more. Everything is locally sourced by Jap himself – who also prides in the fact that he can debone a whole fish within the blink of an eye. For meat lovers, who aren’t too fond of sea food, Bomras has a whole plethora of carnivorous dishes including pork and chicken too! The must haves here are whatever the fresh catch of the day is – prepared with love and lots of skill by the talented team at Bomras. This Indian restaurant is a must visit if you frequent Goa a lot and wish to sample some local cuisine with a South East Asian touch. A prominent thing are Bomras is the organic kitchen garden which contributes to every one of their dishes!

7. Toast and Tonic, Bengaluru

If you want to chase India on a plate – this is where you do it. Naga Chillies from Shillong, Bandel cheese from Kolkata, chocolate from Pondicherry, coffee from Chikmanglur, Toast and Tonic is rarely ever disappointing. Enter a world of Indian cuisine at its best, sourced from nothing less than the very best. This place is a paradise for vegetarians also, who prefer beet burgers over beef burgers and revel in the humble simplicity of a risotto made right. As the name suggests, there are a whole lot of G&Ts you will find on this list – right from a summery kokam mango G&T to the more subtle cardamom pineapple G&T. One of their most popular concotions is serving aromatic teas mixed with gin and tonic water to create cocktails unheard of. The next time you’re in Bangalore, drop in for some ‘high’ tea!

8. ITC Bukhara, Delhi

One cannot miss this classic, legendary place when talking to of Indian restaurants. ITC Bukhara is most famous for its Dal Bukhara, a creamy, rich mix of black lentils, full fat cream (no discounts here!), fresh tomatoes and a whole lot of patience and talent. The Dal Bukhara here is cooked for 24 hours in a slow oven, lending a smokey, misty charm to its taste and flavour. The charcoaled taste is what people line up for! Apart from this phenomenal dal, Bukhara has kebabs, biryanis and a lot more Awadhi fare to their credit. It is seeped in tradition and serves better hospitality than anything else. 

9. Gunpowder, Goa

Tucked in a quiet corner of Assagao in Goa is the a garden restaurant that promotes clean, green and happy eating policies. If you’ve ever been to Gunpowder you know how happy and warm the vibe is here, it is so welcoming you may never want to leave. South Indian fare dots the plates as the dishes come in one after the other, piping hot. While the non vegetarian and seafood fare here is to die for, there are a lot of options for vegetarians to dig in. Pillowy soft appams dunked in a whole bowl of spicy curry, while a gentle breeze caresses your hair …the feeling hits different. Go here for the laidback vibe and the delicious food. 

10. China XO, Chennai

Where do you go, if you feel like a plate of gourmet hot dimsums in Chennai? Why, at XO ofcourse! This fancy fine dine place is a perfect place for date nights, with dainty oriental meals and a sophisticated vibe. Sample some saucy wonder curries with rice and noodles or simply dig into the many appetizers this place has to offer.

Oh, and did we mention that the XO stands for extraordinary?