Indian food festivals that you just can not miss!

By Foodism Team


Your travel plans may have taken a hit with the turn of recent events, but that does not mean you can’t plan ahead! Food festivals are one of the most lively scenes in any city or corner of India. The feeling of food bringing people together and unifying under the atmosphere of music and dance is undeniably the most exquisite feeling ever. So let us see some of the best food festivals that take place around India!

1. National Street Food Festival ( December - January)

Delhiites love their street food, and what better way to celebrate this than hosting an entire fest? Well, gorge on some delicious chaats, momos, dosas, chole kulche at the iconic National Street Food Festival. Make sure you have some more space in your tummy for desserts too!

2. The Grub Fest - Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata

Next up, let’s talk about one of the most happening food festivals in India! The Grub Fest is actually like a carnival: there’s some delicious food, amazing entertainment, and just happy vibes! There are these mini-food trucks, culinary workshops, film screenings, and an organic food market. A true feast fest indeed!

3. Goa Food and Cultural Festival - Panaji, Goa

If it’s hip and happening, it’s gotta be Goa! The Goa Food and Cultural Festival promises loads of fun with live music, dancing, and of course, delicious food! The festival hosts more than 70 stalls, serving hearty vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, and some interesting drinks!

4. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest - Mumbai (March)

The second on the list for street food festivals in India is undoubtedly the Mumbai truck fest. As the name suggests, this festival features incredible delicacies served from food trucks across the country. It is the biggest Food Truck festival in India. This Indian Food festival features more than a hundred unique dishes from across India. With free entry and several dishes to choose from, this food festival is sure to send your taste buds on a delicious ride.

5. Asian Hawkers Market - Delhi (October)

This Indian food festival takes place over three days and comprises dishes from around the world—Korean, Chinese, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Every kind of delicacy from the sushi to the seafood platter, you will find here. This International food festival brings together the food culture from around the world and can be termed as the food lover’s paradise.

6. Mei Ramew Food Festival - Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya  (December)

A blissful state, Meghalaya is known for its scenic beauty and magical appearance. The Mei Ramew is one of the most significant attractions of Meghalaya. This food festival is held by the state to acquaint the people with the traditional delicacies prepared by the ethnic communities of the state. The meals served in this festival are prepared from organic food items collected from the forest.

7. Sattvik Food Festival - Ahmedabad (December)

Organized by the Ahmedabad-based NGO SRISTI, Sattvik Food Festival allots over 75 stalls that have innovative and nutritious dishes from across the country. Makai na paania, soya cutlets, dates biscuits, pineapple jalebi, beetroot halwa, oats tikki chaat, spinach roll, tomato halwa, aloe vera pickle, organic soya paneer –the list is endless! Vegetarians should have a feast here by all means! 

So which one are you going to hit first!?