How to appeal Gen Z with your f&b business!

By Foodism Team


After a long decade of dedicating its resources to cater for millennials, the food industry is finally ready to move on to gen Z! While it may be too early to predict exactly what gen Z wants to do with the f&b, one thing is clear- they will not accept the boring old rules! 

Gen Z is all about charisma and they represent the change in the ever-growing economy. Now they are about to enter the age group which has the maximum spending power in the f&b industry, but what does this mean for the industry individuals? Let’s find out!

What does Gen Z value?-  “Real” unadulterated foods, Authenticity, Freshness, and Purity 

The most significant trend for retail food is that Gen Z will no longer shy away from major brands. While Millennials were interested in large, national brands, Gen Z is showing far less sensitivity to brand size. Rather, it appears they place a greater emphasis on the importance of brand values, ethics, and story, and how that fits with their own!

Eco-friendly business ethics

Gen Z has realised there is no planet B. So if you plan to ignore the 3 R’s or to make business choices which are not eco-friendly, wave goodbye to your Gen Z clientele and get ready to be cancelled! What to keep in mind-

  • Economical packaging
  • Sustainable production of food
  • Reduction of wastage

Be Limitless

Gen Z is an explorer. They have discovered global cuisine and they absolutely loved it! Consequently, Generation Z is much more adventurous in their tastes than any previous generation so while sticking to Indian cuisine is a safer option, but it may limit your audience to the millennials. Want to excite Gen Z? Be innovative with food and leave no stone unturned in finding the perfect international cuisine which fits your needs!

Lastly, customization is a big thing for Gen Z They don’t want the usual retail products, they want to take a product, customize it and put their own stamp on it So if you are in the f&b industry, now is the time to get your staff ready for the Gen Z who are going to be in the prime of their spending power very soon!